Friday, December 31, 2004

The Big City

Hey everyone this post comes to you from Southampton where i am currently residing, christmas was okay i guess, this week stuck in with my family is a bit of a nightmare though.
The wager between dave and i is that he said i'd fail no more than one exam, i wasn't so sure so he said when i don't fail my exams i have to admit that i was wrong or something like that, he will lose though. i've not studied one bit and the exams are on the 14th for two weeks, ah well.

I like it here, we live 10 miles out of the city center and when i wake up the ground is white with frost, i can hear the distant rumble of the motorway in the distance, this comforts me. It's literally freezing though i bought my offshore jacket thinking i'd never need it but i really do, it's bitter and harsh like winter should be. I have only two days left here now before i'm home to warm and dreary guernsey, back to the place where everyone knows me but no-one does.

keep living x x x and happy new year, a big hug in lieu of tonight

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Just got fed up of the old post i guess!

I don't have a lot to say, I mean Merry Christmas to all, and happy winter solstice for yesterday if Christmas doesn't sound so appealing this year to you, I'm having doubts about it myself to be honest.

Anyway try and smile at least on the 25th and don't work too hard all of you out there with exams soon, try to lay back despite them being horrible and emotionally and physically draining.

Sorry i'm smiling

See you soon
Keep living love niki x x x

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Welcome to my truth

I have been having a bit of a crap time lately, I’ve not told many of you, I don’t know why. However a wise someone recently very accurately pointed out that this blog is merely an online journal to which people can add comments to, so I thought now was a good time to tell this page about myself.
One of the (many) things that have been bringing me down is how little people know about me, anyone who reads this page included. So I shall begin.
I was born Nikita Elizabeth on the 15th June 1989, 15 days late. My mum was unable to deliver me and it took that long for the doctors to realise that maybe I needed a little help in there, and so I was brought into the world by caesarean section at about 22:10pm.
I was my parents first child so naturally my birth was everywhere, The Guernsey Press and The Hampshire Chronicle included. I was barely awake when at three weeks I made my first trip to my ‘homeland’ of Southampton, Southern England. Since that day I have made 54 trips, 108 flights on various airlines, Manx airways, KLM, BA, Jersey European, AirUK and Flybe to name a few – I don’t even have a frequent traveller card!
My birth prompted a move – 3 houses up the road! From a top floor flat to a Victorian terrace. The next four years of my life were quite boring really, aside from an incident during which I was dropped down the stairs, causing my shoulder to become dislocated – I’ll never let my mum forget that!
When I was four ‘mis padres’ decided that I wasn’t enough and so my sister, Jemma was born in July of 1993, things started to go downhill. My father had an affair and moved out prompting a move back to my mother’s place of birth, Southampton. Here we stayed for a little under a year before we transferred back and I moved to Amherst primary school. My parents were then happily separated for 8 years, my dad became a weekend father and I was his from 10am-2pm on a Saturday. When she was old enough Jemma came too.
Like everything this story has an exception, when I was 10 my parents had a brief moment of madness and produced my second and final sister Emily in November of 1999. This caused my fathers long-term relationship to end and I helped him to move to his own place, after a large and scary boxing day fiasco, the details of which you will have to ask since they aren’t pretty, if you want to. Anyway here my father stayed until he moved to my Grans house, to which he built a ‘bachelor-esque’ extension on the side of, it is here I visit so often to get away or to get pissed.
But wait I have missed a large event, the final divorce of my parents, one month after my 12th birthday, this ended any long-holding dreams is might have of any sort of ‘re-joining’ of my parents.
There are select events that I have left out so far – those who want to know will have to ask on MSN as right now I don’t think I can publicly declare them to everyone at once, individually I can do it I think, but whatever.
As my father was only cohabiting with my mother during my early years, I have the best relationship with him out of all of my sisters, as should be expected. It is my father whom I have fun with, my mother who guides me through the trials and tribulations of being a teenage girl. The bond between Jemma and Emily with my mum is stronger – they were solely her children, not my fathers, besides I forgave my adulterous father a little too quickly for her liking I think.
I go out with my father every Saturday now, and whenever I can, it’s not a perfect relationship but what relationship is? He teaches me how to survive in the big world and he has been through a lot, his life-experience is immense. Many of my friends are adults, male and female though predominantly male, I met them on those Saturdays in the pub, I was Martyn’s cute little daughter. They are the ones who make me laugh and who teach me what I must be like when I’m pissed! Some people think that my fathers actions during my early years were irresponsible – not me, I value them, if I ever need anyone I have someone, many of the men and some women are, like my dad, security guards as well as their regular jobs, so I am always safe.
I think that the things I’ve been through with my dad have made me so much more emotionally mature than many of my (school) friends, I know that shit happens to everyone and how it happens – a good start in life I think.
I doubt this post’ll help me but it does let you know how I came to be who I am, even if none of you were real then at least this page knows me, Nikita.
Thanks and keep living love
Nikita, Niki etc.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Guernsey, Channel Islands

This post, is really not good, i am rubbish with computers! I have had to paste links to photos from other sites as i don't have a digital camera, and they won't let me paste them!
Enjoy my sorry effort!

That's it! Sorry christmas is coming and i hope to get a camera - so you can see guernsey through my eyes.

Keep living x x x

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Missed Ya!!

Sorry!! i've been neglecting the page again, i've just discovered messenger! anyway, any addresses i don't have - let me know!

I've been quite busy with various detentions - not my fault (much) and carol service rehearsals, so not a lot to write about.

This post is just to show i care!!

Anyone with topic suggestions - please let me know!!

Keep living x x x

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The extraordinary journey of the table tennis ball

Hello!! How y'all doin'? I'm not so bad I guess.

Today was games period and the first of three weeks of table tennis sessions, none of which i am allowed to take part in, but oh well it's just as fun, sorry boring to watch. Have you ever played/watched, it's the dullest thing ever.

The highlight of the two hour session was when a cheeky little table tennis ball decided to make a break for freedom, my normal partner Tom decided to whack a ball at me 'cos i wasn't scoring properly, but his not-so-cunning-plan backfired on him, ha! The ball saw it's chance and made for it! This hall is huge and it's got 14 tables in it, as the only one not taking part i was awarded the job of cheif inspector on this important case. There were times when i thought, by golly i've found it! but alas no, the little buggar was just to fast for me.

A whole hour i searched high and i searched low, but could i find the little bastard? No, i couldn't. My sports teacher wasn't having any of it though and when we did the ball count at the end i was deading her punishment, literally sweating with nerves but what did we find? Not one ball was missing! Someone had found it, although i do suspect that Tom had it all along, bastard. Anyway i love him really and we found the ball, although i am dreading what i'll have to do for a whole two hours next week.

One good thing came out of this little escapade, i found out the badminton is along the road right opposite my Dads house, i didn't notice it until we came out and i saw his Jaguar(what he was doing home at 1:15 i don't know, he doesn't take lunch break) parked outside. Can you believe, i didn't recognise my own Dad's house first time? I had to see his car, aaargh I must go round there more often and avoid meeting at the pub.

Anyway, I must go now I've got my 6month blood test in an hour, to check my iron levels (i'm not pregant, just anaemic!!)

keep living x x x
(the clock on here is screwed, it's like 4:30pm, not 7:50pm. if it were 7:50 then i'd have missed the doctors, which i wouldn't(!!))

Monday, November 15, 2004


Hey everyone!
How are you all doing? I am back, about 75%, it's not 100 but you know sometimes you do have to slow down and move at the same pace as the rest of the world.
Sorry to carry on this topic but i haven't exactly done anything else lately so i have no option, i'm bored. Couldn't go to band the other day owning the fact that can't breathe proberly let alone blow a musical instrument, i couldn't even go shopping or to the gym, and i hate the gym, the highlight of my week has been a trip to Boots to collect my prescription on saturday, sorry that's much better now i've said it.
Anyway i really wanted to put up a new post but i've got nothing to tell you about, back to school today but that was bloody uncomfortable so you know.

I came up with two new quotes, whadda you think?

"If you think of the consequences you never do the actions"

"It is only by saying that you can't, that you don't"

yep that's how bored i was!

keep living x x x

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Fragile (apparently)

Hey, crazy people!

Firstly i'm sorry this page has been slightly neglected of late, i had, lets say an accident which inevitably ended in injury. I have (so they tell me) cracked a rib or two, and before i go on, i don't recommend it to anyone, it fucking hurts. (scuse language) At the time i just thought crap this hurts and then doc gave me some painkillers (which worked very well) and i went to school, big mistake, huge. Do you know how many people crash into you in the corridors usually without you noticing? It's a lot, back to AandE i go, i shouldn't have gone to school (now they tell me) and now i have different medicine which means i am shattered, he only gave me like the strongest i think there is so i am too tired to do anything, but i can't feel it, which is a plus i have to say.
So now i am very bored cos i'm at home and didn't go to school yesterday, today. Even f i can't feel it, i have to be careful for a week or two.
Now since that's all that has happened recently i'll go, please write back and save me (although i might be asleep)

Keep living x x x

Monday, November 01, 2004

Old MacDonald

Well that was a random title! My sister has her CD player on and it is playing Old MacDonald had a farm. (she's four)

Please do express yourself on this page, I don't hold views on other peoples beliefs and i don't think anyone who does really has a place on my 'happy' page.

I was feeling a bit down before i came online, to tell you the truth i am easily bored, i know that and i fidget, today the daunting reality hit me : i may well be at school for the next 5 years at least, to a person like me that is a nightmare quite frankly and i don't know what to do. I will not acheive the career success i want without education but i like to be able to do what i want, when i want and i have realised that i need to devolop some serious self-discipline. I do posess it in things i like to do like sailing and stuff but i...just don't know.
I'm sure everyone feels like this buti am wondering; i have always been...well a sort of dreamer and what the hell does a dreamer make out of life, what do they acheive? Sorry i've gone all serious on you.

On a lighter note i saw a great friend of mine on saturday, i haven't seen him since i was ten, but he used to be a barman at a pub my dad takes me to, when i walked in on saturday and saw him there, it was amazing. we had a huge hug and all he could say was; "bloody hell, you're tall" occaisionly i would make a comment and he would say; "isn't she great?" he is just amazing. (oh he is 35 and engaged so don't get any ideas) He kept asking questions about me and constantly jabbering away excitedly about his wedding next July - bear in mind we are in a pub and have been for several hours now, i know all the bar staff and the manager, and lets just say i am allowed a little more than a coke. it just made me happy that although i was ten when he last saw me we still recognised each other and talked for hours and are now meeting up at christmas for another chat.

Today hasn't been good, back to school and i had too much sleep lats night - if i get more than 6/7 hours sleep i am like a person who loves to sleep and only gets 2 hours - very bad mood indeed! Then i walked into so many people, there are 1000 in my school but it was built for half of that so we sit in the corridors and it is such a crush in the hallways, plus i have a suspicion that i have become vaguely addicted to coffee or any caffeine actually, i had 10 cups today and when you are crazy to start with and you have 10 cups of black coffee, lets just say no alcohol is needed.

Well i better go now, i hope people stay their lovely selves and everything is back to normal soon

keep living love crazy x x x

Friday, October 29, 2004


No, sorry but there is no party, this is just a ridiculously short post to say "I'm Happy!!" oh and crazy! Thanks Davey, I think i'm pretty happy with who i am at the moment and you should be too, all of you!!
I got the job i think (so my dad says) so that's all good and by order of him i have submitted my christmas wish list - yes really! Only 6 or 7 weeks until the big holiday itself!!
Oh and i have a quote from a movie i like - i won't tell you which in case you can guess but i think there might be truth in it - how about you? (this is not serious):

"It is only by being on the edge that we discover who we really are - under the skin"

Well stay happy everyone, and stay yourselves-whatever the cost!
Keep living love crazy x x x

Monday, October 25, 2004

Happy, happy!

Aaargh, shit that didn't work! I'll never be serious again, it just never works and causes depression, sorry I'll stay crazy. It is a bit sad though, i just can't hold a serious conversation, i'll be flying a plane and we'll catch fire and i'll be like "well folks, say your prayers" they'll never employ me, i hate serious!!
Plus when i'm serious people are like; 'what's up with you?' i'm just not naturally serious, so there we are.
I applied for another job today, a finance company are looking for student female 'file reconstructors' so basically it's an office of fat guys who don't know their alphabet and need a female to stare at, but you know it's £6 an hour so not bad money and my Dad knows the boss so i might get it, 'it's not what you know but who you know!' the Body Shop bitch cancelled on me and then never rebooked but i'm not fussed just so long as everyone knows that when i am in full time employment i will avoid offices at all costs.
I just booked my Christmas trip to Southampton, i am going on the 26th December which will piss my dad off but you know i'll hang out with him before christmas and he usually comes around on christmas day. so now i am going to book a weekend in London which i'll go on to from Southampton which will be good. i'm going to jersey again on friday, this time with my mum so that's all good, you know it's all pretty good at the moment, and you? I'm omitting my mocks in january and my french and spanish orals in consecutive weeks in march, but thats all after christmas so lets get that financially-draining holiday out of the way first, i can't wait for christmas, i love it!!

Keep living crazy lady x x x

Friday, October 22, 2004


Right, hello again.

This post is freedom - inspired. Today was the first offical day of half term for me and last night i had a sleep over with Saffron. We planned to spend the night under the stars at the bottom of my garden but that didn't go well when it started to rain so we came indoors and watched movies whilst eating cadburys roses and ben and jerrys ice cream. Today was major shopping trip.

Now to freedom. I am free from school for a week, yes? right and i was thinking, is freedom from school the only true freedom we ever have? in our lives? Day to day you have school/uni, on holiday you have work maybe. After graduation you have work and taxes then later a spouse and children? Already we have the full time tie of the family. and i have a sneaking suspicion that this is the only time in our lives that we have true freedom, or near enough.
"Two men look out throught the same bars, one sees the mud and one sees the stars" I can't remember who said that but it is so relevant to today. It sounds depressing, which isn't me, but we are all behind metaphorical bars and all we can do is dream and try our hardest to escape scot-free. i like to think that i see the stars and we should all aim for the stars. tell me if you think i'm talking crap, but thats my view on things.

Secondly i'm going to go all athletic on you, i went for a run yesterday for the first time in a few weeks and i have a feeling that it is actually good for you. So many things make sense when your feet are pounding against the asphalt, that really wouldn't at work or in the classroom, it's a good way to really think things through.

One thing i have been asked to think about is my A-level choices, we take four and here is my shortlist, let me know what you think;

Media Studies
English lit

I want to be a pilot and we have this program which you input your details and characteristics and it chucks out careers, here is my top ten;

RAF officer (?)
Royal Navy officer (what?)
Army officer
Airline Pilot
Armed forces pilot
Prison officer (no way)
Computer operator (i will not work in an office)
Publishers rep

i have to say i was stunned, i had never thought about half of those and i have to say i don't think my personality is that of army personnel, i like to get things done my way and i don't take crap but then i am calm and maybe too laid-back

Anyway thats pretty much it, "No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent" i'm pretty sure you all recognise that as an Eleanor Roosevelt quote and remember it, it's true.

Keep living Crazy lady x x x

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Well i sure hope that no Guerns are viewing this page because what i am about to say may be offensive. Jersey rocks! There is a lot of rivalry between the two islands but i have to say that Jersey is the better island. The harbour, i grant you, is nothing compared to Guernsey but Jersey definately wins the shopping stakes, i spent the day there yesterday, HMV made a fortune out of me and Roxy didn't do too badly either!

Thanks for the comments on the late Christopher Reeve.

I have but four days of school until half term, four days too many in my opinion. Oh interesting fact, i was cleaning out my bookcase the other day and guess what i found? Two poetry books with book-markers in, so what? i hear you say, well the bookmarks marked two pages each with one of my poems printed on! Yes i am a printed poet, granted i was 10yrs and 11yrs but still!

Not much else to say so i'll leave you with this image of St Peter Port harbour, Guernsey.

fine if that won't work then i'll leave the link for you to view

Keep living love crazy ladyx x x

Friday, October 15, 2004


This has got to be one of the shortest posts ever, but i'm away tomorrow.
I know i am a bit late but i just wanted to pay tribute to the late Christopher Reeve. He died on Sunday but for the past few years his life was an uphill struggle, but he never gave up. In my mind he is the one and only Superman and i salute him for his determination and optimistic frame of mind, even when he was told he would never walk again.

So in summary, to Christopher Reeve the original Superman

Keep Smiling Crazy Lady

PS I wrote the following on the previous post: that i think you are all sympathetic and really quite sweet, plus humour doesn't count as being unsypathetic anyway.
Hugs and kisses

Monday, October 11, 2004

(no title)

Hey! Right sorry about my little outburst but i was ever so slightly pissed off, as you could probably tell.

The craziest thing i've ever done? Well i don't know, i kinda do a lot of crazy stuff which amounts to one crazy person. On dofe i didn't get on well with the whole peeing in the bush thing i asked couples in their caravans for the use of theri facilities. I saw four of my teachers in the pub with my dad on saturday, so i jokingly ordered vodka and coke, the barman who i knew actually made it! My dad drank it though, now they can't quite believe it was me. I guess i am brought up slightly different to other girls, i quite often find myself surrounded by strong male role models and businessmen. I guess my dad thought that since he didn't live with me, he should ensure i have a lot of really quite sweet male friends and the time i spend with him should be memorable. It does mean that i know quite a lot about you guys and he can't get away with anything.

Yes i do have hotmail, not messenger because i still haven't updated it, but i will e-mail you. And the picture? yes i will post it, all in good time! It's a work in progress (meaning the film is still in the lab)

So how are you all? It is my turn this week to come down with the plague. unfortunately at this stage in year 11, no school is not an option. This means that i have to make like the rest of what seems like the world and carry on feeling like shit and hacking my lungs up at everyone i pass. sorry not a pretty picture but there we are.

I don't mean to carry on but let me get this whining thing off my chest and then i'll cheer up again.

I have also managed to bugger up my bloody back again. i was out running and yep wet leaves are dangerous. But anyway it's okay, well it's not but yeah i'm finished.

So what are you doing with your two weeks of freedom? I just rang up East, a clothes shop about a job. Their stuff is kinda not my thing but the pay definately is! wish me luck!

I am really not comfy, sorry but i gotta go lay down, this kills. (not literally)

Keep living, be happy
luv niki

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Yes i am very angry, i just wrote an extraordinarily long post and my computer crashed. well i'm sorry but i'll not write it again.

That's all, oh and if you can think of something for me to say on my next post, please let me know.

keep living Crazy, angry lady

aargh i can't stop this thing from pushing my posts down

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I like to think of my school as a little community or country, we are only 1000 strong but we wear our uniforms (us year 11's with a homemade twist usually) and also the point of this little paragraph, tomorrow is our Annual Open Evening, we volunteer ourselves to come into school, in the evening and allow little year 6's look around and decide whether they should take the 11+ and join our community. I am such a sad, i mean patriotic person. I am going in at 6:30 until 8:00, I am giving up my gym session to play in windband with my lil' old Clarinet, those year 6's better damn well appreciate it, thats all i can say.

So how are you all? I have just got this going after a period of absence, the blogger wouldn't work. I am no longer employed, yep out of work and very soon, money. I want to go for the upcoming receptionist job, it pays well, but until then I am thinking a waitress, the advert for jobs goes: 'Only smiley, positive, energetic and kinda crazy people need apply' I mean wow! was this job made for me? The fact that I can get into trouble faster than you can say 'ow' is no longer important, I can be clumsy but with an ad like that, how can I refuse?

I have replied on my previous post so check that out 'cos I haven't got time to move it up to this post, oh and if you want to see some pictures of guernsey go to there is a link to island scenes.

Keep living Nikita

Ps. a girl at my school, who i did dofe with is called Eilidh (air-lee)

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Christmas is coming

AAAAARGHH!! Morrisons and Woolworths have advent calenders and chocolate pennies!! It's September. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas as much as the next crazy person but give me a break?

I don't actually have a lot to say today, I fear that cold season is officially upon us as you only have to walk down the high street to hear 50 sneezes and tissues pulled out of pockets and bags, I have, as yet, been lucky but I fear October will bring the Tonsillitis which I am plagued by ever since I had Glandular Fever a couple of years ago, ah well, happy happy!!

I went to the gym this morning, I don't know why i do it's full of sweaty people and I'd much rather go sailing but it is getting a little chilly now, I run for 15 minutes but i don't know why, i hate running!!

Wow, I have to say my BMW may have been slightly upstaged by Mr T, I would love to sit in one of those although when i say pilot i was thinking more along the lines of a 747 across the atlantic. I went shoppong yesterday and then to the pub, no i am not an alcoholic but my Dad, also not an alcoholic has been taking me to this same pub since I was four when he got to spend 3 hours with me every Saturday. I know all the staff and they know me, they buy me cokes and I'm allowed to get ice cream out of the freezer, oh such childish values!!

Now you have had an insight into my little life I must bid you farewell but remind you to keep smiling, stay happy and
Keep Living
Love Crazy Lady

(PS Hey laura (eeyorerulz) welcome! I'll go to DofE today!!)

Friday, September 10, 2004

Third Time Lucky

Ok, so picture this; me standing at the bus stop laden with my work clothes, art portfolio and school rucksack, waiting for the bus.

A bus comes, reaches me and just keeps on driving. Bastard no.1.

While I am standing there, very angry in fact fuming another bus comes and like the first keeps on driving. Bastard no.2.

I march up to the airport ticket lady (the bus stop is at the airport as i work close to there) and demand to know where the bus stop is, very politely she informs me that it is on my right as I go out of the door and wasn't there a sign saying it had moved?

And there standing just where I was a sign stood informing me that the bus stop had moved, shit.

The third bus comes and as I am waiting in the correct place, it picks me up. At last! I then have to go all the way in to town, not my desired destination, on this bus and walk home in the rain.

I mean how stupid, it's friday do they honestly think anyone is going to read the signs?
The story doesn't have much point, as you may have noticed.

Pay attention and i'll see you soon

Love Crazy Lady

Monday, September 06, 2004

Call off the search

Oh my god i found her, i bloody found her, i hadn't heard from her since 23/08, talk about THE most frightening time of my life.

Seriously guys, i cried, value your friends, i hope i am counted as your friend as you are mine, if your friends ever need anything do it, you never know when they won't be there anymore.

I can't tell you the details but we had the best hug and cry ever when i saw her, bloody hell, shit. i think..... i don't know what i think

''Be the change you want to see in the world''

I love you

Crazy lady

''He/she who smiles rather than rages is always the stronger''

Friday, September 03, 2004

Friday Feeling

Hey everybody! How are you all? It is day two of school for me and I already have Chemistry course work! Ah well

Welcome to Laura, do you have a blog?

Just a question, have I said something wrong? I haven't got many replies in blog land recently, if i have please tell me cos i get carried away, if not don't take this paragraph the wrong way.

Not much else to say

Live dangerously
Crazy lady
x x x x x x x x x x x

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Back To School

When you see the title of this blog please do not leave the page! I go back to school tomorrow, today I was subjected to work at my work, amazingly enough!

I don't really have much to say but I thought it was about time this blog had a new post, I am not scary and violence is not the answer! In my experience, with my sister it doesn't work anyway, I have two sisters 11 and 4 years old, did I ever say that?

It is a beautiful evening here, the sea is amazing and the sky is blue. The light shimmers and it is a text book summer evening.

That's all really, live dangerously!

crazy niki

Monday, August 30, 2004


Hi everyone, i'm back! I made the strenuous half hour journey with British European, on a tiny 50 seat plane from Southampton to Guernsey and i am still here to tell the tale.

Another example to prove my craziness: I wrote a homecoming blog yesterday, quite long for me and i thought pressed 'publish' but instead i pressed 'delete'.

I know i've said it before but Cowes was the highlight of my holiday, and i have a place to crew next year! (i already said that too!)

My school is also still here although i am not forced into it until Thursday! Tomorrow i am going into town as i have received news that Fat Face has a sale, do you have Fat Face in Scotland?? I love it, i am a walking advertisement for them!! (not really)

Bugger it's started to rain i'll have to go get the washing.... Okay i'm back and am now ever so slightly pissed off that i just got soaked in August getting in the washing that my dad dropped off here for me to wash, is that like a single guy thing? Not being able to work a washer/drier??? My mum refused to do it here so i did and hung it out for further drying, now i am wet. it'll take a big shopping trip to repay me for this!

Well i can't remember what i wrote yesterday so i'll go now, i couldn't post anything yesterday, my PC went wrong so i'll just go try again

Lotsa luv Crazy Niki


Hi everyone, i'm back! I made the strenuous half hour journey with British European, on a tiny 50 seat plane from Southampton to Guernsey and i am still here to tell the tale.

Another example to prove my craziness: I wrote a homecoming blog yesterday, quite long for me and i thought pressed 'publish' but instead i pressed 'delete'.

I know i've said it before but Cowes was the highlight of my holiday, and i have a place to crew next year! (i already said that too!)

My school is also still here although i am not forced into it until Thursday! Tomorrow i am going into town as i have received news that Fat Face has a sale, do you have Fat Face in Scotland?? I love it, i am a walking advertisement for them!! (not really)

Bugger it's started to rain i'll have to go get the washing.... Okay i'm back and am now ever so slightly pissed off that i just got soaked in August getting in the washing that my dad dropped off here for me to wash, is that like a single guy thing? Not being able to work a washer/drier??? My mum refused to do it here so i did and hung it out for further drying, now i am wet. it'll take a big shopping trip to repay me for this!

Well i can't remember what i wrote yesterday so i'll go now, i couldn't post anything yesterday, my PC went wrong so i'll just go try again

Lotsa luv Crazy Niki

Sunday, August 29, 2004

I'm Back! (again)

Hey!!! I am back i made the strenuous half hour flight on a tiny British European plane from Southampton to Guernsey and here I am again! I don't go back to school until Thursday!

How are you all????

Glad to hear that your school is still there, I'm sure you are too!!? I don't think there's much chance that mine has disappeared, mores the pity, but never mind!

This is really weird but I want to meet you guys, sorry just a random thought.

Mr T could you please learn to control yourself!! You'd never catch me being so immature! But have you ever noticed how funny that little routine the air hostesses do is?

Well I'm off to make my rounds around your blogs now!

Lotsa luv Crazy niki

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Farewell, sniff, sniff

Well this is it guys, my last post for four weeks, what will you do?!

I am off to Southampton tomorrow for my holidays and i really must pack my holdall!

Please feel free to carry on using this page if you wish, although you have your own!

I really have to go now!

Be good and don't do anything that i wouldn't do!!

Lots of love Crazy Lady

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Whoa guys!

I thought that i better end the music debate on post 'I'm back' thanks for your many suggestions but i'll stick to my wide variety of tastes, some justifiable and some not so justifiable. I am now officially on holiday! Work is over and i have money, yesterday i used my cashcard to pay directly for a purchase! I never knew you could use it to pay for things 'cause it says 'cashcard' but you can and the reward was a very nice handbag from the surfshop(my heaven).
And handing your card over lessens the blow, it does not seem like you are actually spending money! I'll worry about the bank statement next month.
Next Tuesday I'll be off 'home' for 4 weeks so this is one of my last posts.
Thats all for now
Lol CL

Sunday, July 18, 2004

I'm Back!

Hey everyone did you miss me? I did it! Granted i walked 56 instead of 48 kilometers but i did it. We got mildly lost but it was not my fault that the map was upside down or we were following the wrong needle on the compass! I want no jokes about women and maps thanks.
I have never listened to Radiohead but will it help if i buy some and let you know? I am a woman and i do not like to be hassled!
Will people please end this speculation about me and Mr T i am sure he is very nice but i have never met the man and i don't think that it  is possible to fall in 'love' entirely over the internet! So to conclude i cannot fancy Mr T as i have only one clue to his real identity plus i am sure that he has other prospects other than a 15 year old crazy girl from Guernsey with a bizarre thirst for danger.
Oh and did you know that being caught in a muddy bog - 4 times, up to your waist is not fun?!

Friday, July 09, 2004

Bogs everywhere

Hey everyone how are you all? As you look at the title of this blog you may scratch your crazy heads but wait! This message is not full of shite as the title suggests but on Sunday i am heading out, once again, into the big wide world which they tell me is full of ponies and bogs.
I already knew this as i have been to the forest more than once! I have not been sleeping so that when we set up camp on the first nite i will be so tired that i will not notice how hard the ground is or the crippling back pain that results in you laying down in the tent for more than half an hour and i will be forced (hopefully) to fall straight to sleep and worry about the back pain when i wake up! Good plan don't you think?!
Lotsa luv, and don't do anything i wouldn't do!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I am often confused, i see it as a crazy quality. i get confused with the world, people, me and now blogger. i posted a message yeaterday but it is not here!

(Long thoughtful pause)... hmm actually, come to think of it that was on your blog Mr T, sorry!

Lovely rainy weather here in Guernsey hows about in your part of the world? I only have two days of school left! The week after that is 'activities' week and that is my silver expedition week. The two weeks following that i am working and then i am going 'home' to my beloved Southampton for the duration of the holidays.

You know at the moment the weather is cold, wet and raining the wind is force 7, tomorrow is my last sailing lesson for 8 weeks, i can't miss it but at the moment the prognosis is not good.

Mr T you are the only one on this site, where is everyone else?

I am off to your blog now Mr T so see you in a minute

lol Crazy Lady

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Truly Crazy

Ah frustration, a truly crazy quality. Mr T i don't mind saying i think i have had a great impact on you, it makes me proud. don't get me wrong i am not saying that you can't be crazy on your own i just think we are good for each others personalities.

I would also love to post a picture of myself but only for you to see, the rest of the world? not so much!

So is Gordaon your name? cool!
If you tell me i'll tell you!

Lotsa luv your partner in true craziness

Monday, July 05, 2004

Vandalism + stuff

you know mr t that was a memorial bench, the poem was on a plaque. the vandals here are just like any others in the uk

you are right mr t i am not naturally depressed, i just sort other peoples problems (nb this is not an agony aunt site) my own are trivial to the much bigger problems out there.

which brings me to the rather inspiring p+o cruises advert "there's a world out there" this makes me think quite deeply. i am stuck in my small island of 60thousand inhabitants and i will not stay here a minute longer than necessary. i want to travel and discover the world. that deep part out of the way i will move onto lighter topics.

my dad has just got back from london (the folks are divorced) he bought me such a nice gift, we get on so well. i just had to tell that to the world even though none of you know my name, neither would you recognise me if you saw me. though i am curious to someday meet you mr t

i must go now but please leave a post and i will talk soon

lol the original crazy lady(not available in shops)

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Rainy days 2

i have to say i am a little depressed, i wrote a long post and just before i posted it my computer crashed so now i have to start again.

This is not a depressing message but today is the guernsey harbour carnival, it starts at six but right now it is pouring down with rain. i love the carnival but not in the rain!

Does any one know if you have to have tickets to get into cowes week (7-14 august)? i am planning on going, not to compete just for a look around and i wondered if i had to buy tickets, if you know please let me know, thanks. i have, obviously, booked the wightlink ferry to the iow.

Mr t there will be plenty of time for moisturising on expo, after a hard days walking you need a little pampering, don't you think? since i cannot take a therapist or masseuse, neither do i own one then clinique samples are a god - send.

I will finish with a short inscription from a bench at my favourite spot in guernsey; 'and the sun went down and the stars came out far over the summer sea'

Lotsa luv crazy lady the 1st

Friday, July 02, 2004

Hey Mr T

Welcome crazy friends

Well Mr T this is fun!
I hope you are all enjoying your summers so far, i am going shopping tomorrow

Just a short post because i have to go to bed now

Lotsa luv Craziest of ladies