Friday, December 31, 2004

The Big City

Hey everyone this post comes to you from Southampton where i am currently residing, christmas was okay i guess, this week stuck in with my family is a bit of a nightmare though.
The wager between dave and i is that he said i'd fail no more than one exam, i wasn't so sure so he said when i don't fail my exams i have to admit that i was wrong or something like that, he will lose though. i've not studied one bit and the exams are on the 14th for two weeks, ah well.

I like it here, we live 10 miles out of the city center and when i wake up the ground is white with frost, i can hear the distant rumble of the motorway in the distance, this comforts me. It's literally freezing though i bought my offshore jacket thinking i'd never need it but i really do, it's bitter and harsh like winter should be. I have only two days left here now before i'm home to warm and dreary guernsey, back to the place where everyone knows me but no-one does.

keep living x x x and happy new year, a big hug in lieu of tonight


Niki said...

hey again this is to say hi to dave cos i can't get onto his page and to send him a happy new year hug
keep living x x x

Nodders said...

Hey Niki, tis I, Gordo! Great description of winter in the city! Hope the Christmas season didn't get you too down and thanks for all the New Year Hugs I've seen sprawled across the net! They're always welcome! Hope to speak to you online sometime once you get back! See ya!

Niki said...

Hey! online now but no-one else is, i'll see y'all soon i hope, also hope new year was good, my new diary has been christened and i'm back in guernsey now, joy!
keep living x x x

Niki said...

Me again, i need a new post but don't want to now so i'll write here.
Okay England rekindled my desire for caffe nero and cotsa and the like, no idea i'd miss the stuff so much (no real coffe houses here, not even a measly starbucks).
Next i saw my god mother in soton, she and my god father are divorced, and she ignored me!! I mean, jeez
Thats it not in the mood for any more
keep living x x x

Stagestruckgal said...

oh dear. not a very nice intro into the new year, is it. although im sure your godmother didnt ignore you, im sure she just didnt see you. I havent had such a good year so far, either. my mates are generally depresed and the only way to relieve the boredom is to sing along to my new disney cd...........
but thats not for here. its so funny. theres also a singing competition me and my mate are entering, and we're singing "A Whole New World" from Aladdin. boy i love that one. Will update when i hear more form the organisers, tape will be sent off tomorrow, providing we get it recorded tomorrow. ah well, thinkj i best be studyin chemistry.