Monday, December 05, 2011


I wasn't going to blog tonight as William is out and Alfie asleep, I was going to have some 'me' time and watch a film whilst staring at the christmas lights.
But then I read an article about pregnancy and bipolar, in it I read of all the risks to mother and baby when you factor in a bipolar mother.
The choice I made, to continue my meds whilst pregnant, was a risky one and it made me afraid at every scan, every check-up, everyday... But I felt that the risk would be even higher if I stopped medication all together. I didn't have all too much of a choice anyway because I didn't find out I was pregnant until the 2nd trimester.
Still I continued with my medication - there were no defects to be found but I was still scared.
When I eventually went into labour it was long and scary - of course! But I may be the first woman to fall asleep in labour. Anyway I had been in labour for 8 hours and I thought that nothing was happening. But all of a sudden my room was full of nurses and doctors and before I knew it I was getting a spinal block and it was all over!
I had never been so happy as when I saw William holding his son, and then... I got to hold him. I can't even describe how it felt - there is a picture of our first cuddle and despite me looking absolutely revolting, it is my favourite ever photo.
Alfie had to be monitored for two days to see if my medication had affected him - so that was another 48 hours of agonising wait. Plus I was stuck in bed and Alfie seemed so far away in his clear plastic crib. I never stopped ringing the buzzer for the nurse - to ask her to check he was breathing or needed his nappy changed or if he was hungry!
When we were discharged as healthy - that was when I felt that we had done it. We were both okay.
William tells me that everytime I had a contraction, Alfie's heart-rate dropped and the doctors decided to perform a caesarean as a matter of urgency. This coupled with the risks make me wonder what kind of person I am.
Was there any way out? I think so. If I had stopped the medication then perhaps I would have come to harm but there was more of a chance that Alfie would have been okay. Continuing it meant that Alfie had to be monitored throughout and kept William and I worrying for months.
I know now that me and Alfie are healthy but I was just thinking about what leads us, as humans, to make decisions. Did I even make the decision or was I coerced into it by my doctors? I'm not sure I even remember a point when it was decided that I would potentially poison my baby before he was even born - but I never stopped it, did I?
I'm not sure what I'm saying but I was just wondering, dear readers, whether there is any way of analysing a decision, if in fact there is such thing as an autonomous decision.

Friday, December 02, 2011

From the back of beyond

Hello there readers, I hope that you are all well and have been finding your way through the world without my ramblings of wisdom!
So what's happened since June? Well Alfie has grown and grown, he is 3 weeks off his 1st birthday and I just can't believe it. It really seems like just a few weeks since I was pregnant with him. Looking forward to it and scared out of my mind - one year on I'm still scared out of my mind but now I have a beautiful and clever little boy to 'prove' to myself that I can't be doing that badly.
Christmas this year will be the best yet, our tree is up and although it might seem stupid I sit every evening and just stare at our tree. It's the best I've ever had - 7ft and really full, we realised that we put 113 decorations and 200 lights on it! I'm not sure why but it seems to me that it is full of hope, the 'spirit' of Christmas. It's Alfie's first experience and he loves it! I just can't wait to fill our lounge with presents for him - though I'm sure he'll be more interested in the wrappings and boxes, I don't care because the look on his face will be enough for me. It'll probably make me cry - but then, what doesn't?
What else? Well I started at university - again! I'm doing english and creative writing and so far, I am really enjoying it. I'm keeping up with the work and attending as many classes as humanly possible! I met with my new mentor today and she was lovely, she's going to help me with my planning and time management - keeping my diary organised and prioritising what work needs doing and for when. I'm hoping I'll get a little further this time.
And how about the alternate universe that is my mind? Not so simple! I had - foolishly - stopped taking my anti-psychotic medication before uni started because it made me extremely lethargic and generally slow. It all went well until last month when Alfie was very ill and had to go to hospital. I started to get obsessed with numbers, I add up every number I see - from digital clocks to telephone numbers. I look for patterns and do everything in groups of three - I began to get paranoid about the prevalence of the numbers 666 and 999. On top of that I have developed a severe twitch in my fingers. I don't realise when I start doing it but when someone alerts me then I have to finish - in my favourite fashion, groups of three...
Long story short, I'm back on the anti-p's. I didn't want to but my CPN convinced me that they (with my other medications) are the only way to cling onto the wellness I have worked so hard to maintain. Already they are making me hungry for junk and extremely sleepy. There are moments - especially mid morning when I can't really string a sentence together, so if I'm at home I join Alfie in nap-time. William has had to drive me to uni this week because I don't trust myself to stay awake. I am hoping that it'll all settle down and after Christmas I'll be back on track.
So there it is, 6 months in my life - not too exciting was it?!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's been a while since I ventured into the land of blogging, and up until now I haven't really missed it. I've missed the interaction with my followers but have enjoyed living life, and not just talking about it.
But tonight is different... William is away on a camping trip, Alfie is in bed and I am left to my own devices. I have no-one to talk to in person, so I shall witter along to you.
It's been a few months since the robbery and a whole month since we moved. Things have changed a lot and for a while I almost slipped into a full-blown episode. What happened was bad enough. I was having little episodes when I could see myself dying, each moment of stress or fear or worry catapulted me into a dark little world. I was afraid to do anything, for fear of something happening. I thought that because I could see these things happening, they would eventually happen.
I'm ashamed to say that I also had a self-harm slip-up and ever since then I have felt nothing more than blind luck that William and Alfie are still with me, because I know if it ever happens again they will have to leave.

Since the move though, those little dark moments have evaporated. Even in brief moments of stress I have been able to remain calm and try to escape my 'end of the world' mentality. I have attended a confidence and communication course at the local YWCA and since then I can definitely feel a growth in my confidence levels. I wouldn't go so far as to describe myself as outgoing or even confident, but perhaps I have managed to shrug off that shy persona... just a little.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our little trip down south went very well. Alfie's great-grandparents absolutely adored him and it was lovely for me to see them again too. We spent some time at their house and some time in Southampton too, just a little wander around West Quay and IKEA - of course. We drove back to Doncaster laden with books of mine and gifts for Alfie and when we arrived home I tidied it all away into new homes.

Tonight Will is out at a school reunion so it's just me and Alfie, we've had a little fun and he's had some milk and is now out for the count - until he gets hungry again of course!

Before Alfie arrived I always felt that I had failed. Yes I had a wonderful man to fall in love with, but also I had scars, crap A-Levels and no degree. I felt jealous of all my friends still living the student life, gaining qualifications and life experience and basically doing everything that my illness made me give up.

But now, now I have Alfie I feel like I have a purpose. Before I lived for William but now I live for Alfie too, and through the love that the three of us share I have started to live for myself. I buy myself (too many) new clothes, I had my hair styled and I'm making the effort to start - and stick to - a new diet.

What I think I'm trying to say is that you don't always have to get it right first time. I will always have scars, and probably always take medication - but I won't always live in the past. There is such a thing as a second chance, and if you realise it in time then you can make it work - no matter what's happened before.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well, my 'little' boy is 12lb12oz at 8 weeks old. In fact he's 8 weeks old today and doing fabulously.

Tomorrow we are taking a little journey down South to see my grandparents, and to show off the little man. It'll be our first trip away as a family so we are excited! We've bought sandwich-making ingredients and lots of bottles are ready to be sterilised. It turns out that babies need a lot of things!

Hope you're all well.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hello everyone

My little boy is 7 weeks old today and I'm sorry to say that rather than spending the day celebrating we took delivery of a new couch and went on a mission to IKEA. We needed some drawers for the bedroom and also picked up some shelves and little bits and bobs. Bargain of the day was 36 scented tealights for 50p, courtesy of the 'Bargain Corner'.

Each day I wake up and I am happy. I know that no matter how stressed I may get when he cries, or how many times he pees on my trousers I still have a perfect little boy to love and to care for. I love him with all my heart and could never have imagined this level of love without him. AND as an added bonus I have a bigger boy whom I also love with all my heart - sometimes I even get to care for him too!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A few days ago I drove myself to the doctors for the very first time. I have never driven our new car on my own and I felt so good about it that as soon as I got home, I went out again to pick up my prescription! The best part of it all was that William said he was proud of me. I'm still buzzing from that.

Today baby and I went into town on our own as William went out to play paintball with some friends for the day. We caught the bus and had a good look around, baby was as good as gold and again I felt like my confidence is getting better and better. I was worried that I couldn't cope on my own but now I know I can it really makes me feel stronger.

Finally my life seems to have a point. I not only have a loving fiance whom I will love forever and a day, but a beautiful baby boy who is mine to treasure and love.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My beautiful little man is perfect. And all I want is for him to be happy and safe.
In light of this I pledge to always take my medication... no matter what the voices say.
I pledge to talk to William when I am down and struggling.
I pledge to believe and trust William over the voices.

Here's to life as a mummy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Beginnings

On Wednesday 22nd December 2010 at 7:11am I gave birth to a little boy by emergency caesarean section.

That's right... I'm a mummy!

Our beautiful little boy is doing well, we've been home since Christmas Eve and we're enjoying everyday with our perfect son.

I still can't believe that I had a hand in making such a gorgeous little man.