Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Hello everyone

My little boy is 7 weeks old today and I'm sorry to say that rather than spending the day celebrating we took delivery of a new couch and went on a mission to IKEA. We needed some drawers for the bedroom and also picked up some shelves and little bits and bobs. Bargain of the day was 36 scented tealights for 50p, courtesy of the 'Bargain Corner'.

Each day I wake up and I am happy. I know that no matter how stressed I may get when he cries, or how many times he pees on my trousers I still have a perfect little boy to love and to care for. I love him with all my heart and could never have imagined this level of love without him. AND as an added bonus I have a bigger boy whom I also love with all my heart - sometimes I even get to care for him too!


Jess said...

I very much hope it's only the little one who pees on your trousers :p xxx

Gledwood said...

isn't going to ikea a form of celebration?

it wasn't until i actually went round ikea that i realized how amazing that shop is

i'm in britain where not everything is always good value and i must say ikea have brilliant shit at reasonable prices, they're amazing

Gledwood said...

o yeah and congrats on the 7 weeks. hey you've got 45 weeks left in the year, a chance for one spree per week!

Nikita said...

lol Jess. Well Will does have his moments ;) xxx

Oh definitely Gledwood, I only sampled the delights for the first time 4 years ago when I moved to the UK but have been hooked since!
Thanks, I can't believe little one is two months old next Wednesday!