Monday, July 25, 2005

We could give up now and never even try...

... but what kind of journey would that be?

You are all fantastic people. I was scared I'd get no comments and have to just sidle away meekly and crumble into a corner but you're here!

Makes me all warm inside.

Gah I'm getting sentimental, stop it Niki.

Talk to you soon.

x x x *hugs*

Friday, July 15, 2005

Upside Down and Back To Front

I need to write, I don't know what about but right now I need nothing more than to write. I just read a blog that I saved offline in my favourites, it is an awesome blog written by a guy trying to overcome alcohol, drugs and depression whilst searching for his soul mate - and he does it very well, no matter how low he is, how much shit is running through his mind, how much he's crying and hurting he still writes, usually exactly about how he feels. And he expresses it very well. I don't know if he ever visits this blog but if he does, here's to you Spencer - I've posted a link incase any of you feel like some really good reading right now, whatever time of the day it is or where you are - I guarantee it'll make you think.

This guy, and another called Ian have influenced me greatly recently, I've never met them - but who says you need to meet someone face to face to get to know them? Spencer says exactly how he feels, so literately and Ian is so selfless, maybe a little too selfless sometimes because no matter how sad he is he will always listen to and give advice on your problems, and the evilness of the male species (long story). Right now he is pretty ill, I'm not going to tell you how because it's not my place but take my word for it, my thoughts and spiritual hugs go out to him, and some carrot cake too (another long story).

I think I need to write on here a little bit more how I feel, those of my more regular msn chattees will know but others won't, even if you do I'm going to write it anyway, since right now I've no one else to listen to me - and I don't think I could talk if there was. There are things I don't think I'll ever tell everyone, but never say never, some things I'll just say and I don't care what anyone thinks of them - so exscuse me. I'm not crazy lady. That's the startling truth. I was given that name and persona by friends, it isn't who I am. I never needed to address problems and isssues as they arose - I helped and addressed the problems of those nearest to me instead. Since I've realised that crazy lady is pretty fucking hard to keep going, some days it hurts so much to get out of bed and smile, when deep inside, inside my head it's all dark. Some days I can't do it at all and to those people who notice I can't always do it, I am rotten to - I'm sure of it. I don't like for people to see when I need help, can't let them in, for fear of them shutting me out. I don't really like whoever I am right now, I figure if enough people hurt you and leave you - there must be something wrong. Very wrong. With myself.

I don't truly believe that anyone is 100% 'normal' - I don't think normal exists, most people I know who claim to be normal have some sort of underyling fear in themselves or doubt about how good they are, how much use they are to others. Now after reading that people are going to want to turn around and tell me to shut up and smile - stop complaining and get down to it like the rest of us do. But it's not that easy. How I feel has goddamn near consumed me for months, and forced me to do some pretty stupid things, some of which I still do, but I can't stop them. Not yet. I haven't hit the bottom yet. I don't sleep anymore, although my parents think I do. I lay in bed and think. Watch things running through my head, things I was sure I had dispelled from my memory, or things I never realised happened - but I haven't got rid of them and they were very real. I got a papercut yesterday and it was quite deep, from cardboard, but I didn't feel it. I feel all detatched.

I'm sitting here listening to the Lost In Translation soundtrack, after reading Gordon's account of it I had to hear it. And it's beautiful. It's sad. But I'm not crying.Saying that I nearly am, track 3 oh and 4 erm and 5 are very tender. Yesterday I cried, I fell to the floor in my room and cried. I was in the middle of packing up my stuff ready to move and all of a sudden I had to cry. Later I went downstairs and watched Top Gun and I didn't shed a tear - not even when Goose died and the bit where Maverick throws Goose's dogtags into the ocean. Those bits always make me cry. But not then. I'm not in control of myself anymore. That blackness and that dark envelope consumes me, totally sometimes, and I come round, anywhere - the office, the kitchen, I could go on, and I'm not aware of what happened. All I know is I was crying and it was dark. I could be in a room or an office full of people I know all talking to me, my phone is ringing, a text comes through, yet the feeling right then, the one that precides over all others. Is loneliness. Unexplained loneliness. Fuck.

Having read back over what I've written so far I can see how people would read this and run away, or sidle away meekly so as not to upset the odd girl writing this. But don't. I pray to every non-existent God there is that you won't leave me now. I don't need you to ask how I am or how I feel. But I need you to be here, around. Be the lovely people that you all are. Don't let this silly problem and post make you question your own happiness, unless you think it needs to. I don't intend to plant seeds of doubt in you, just urge you to tell people exactly how you are, what you're thinking and don't brush yourselves aside. I'm not advising you to be selfish or self-centered. Just honest.

I'm suddenly aware how much I've said. So I'm going. x x x

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

London Calling

Yeah, the title was the only song I could think of with references to London, plus I bought the album on the way back.

I'm not sure anyone I met even reads this page anymore! Occaisionally I think Davey graces us with his presence, anyway.

Got back from London last night, twas an OK trip although nothing really to do with what it was intended for, due to parental restraints.

It was pretty froovy meeting Keir, Davey, Conor and Chloe - even if it wasn't for long! Sorry about that guys. I'd have preferred a longer meeting, who knows if they would?! Hehe. No it was cool.

London was good too. So what did I miss?


Monday, July 04, 2005

Tales From Another Different Desk

Just got fed up of that poem so I arrive at work and decide to make a new post, a post with no substance but a post none the less.

I'm putting up my art exhibition at school today so I get to leave here early. Woo.

My parents are viewing said exhibition tomorrow. Not so Woo.

Went to a wedding reception on Friday, got bit pissed. Woo.

Had to get up early Saturday. Not so Woo.

Last day of work before London tomorrow. Woo.

Doctors after work. Not so woo. But also a bit woo I guess.

Time for me to go for coffee. Woo.

Boss coming upstairs. Not so woo. Wish he'd look me in the eye.

Talk to you soon
Apologies for the creative massacre that is this blog post, actually this blog.