Sunday, July 25, 2004

Whoa guys!

I thought that i better end the music debate on post 'I'm back' thanks for your many suggestions but i'll stick to my wide variety of tastes, some justifiable and some not so justifiable. I am now officially on holiday! Work is over and i have money, yesterday i used my cashcard to pay directly for a purchase! I never knew you could use it to pay for things 'cause it says 'cashcard' but you can and the reward was a very nice handbag from the surfshop(my heaven).
And handing your card over lessens the blow, it does not seem like you are actually spending money! I'll worry about the bank statement next month.
Next Tuesday I'll be off 'home' for 4 weeks so this is one of my last posts.
Thats all for now
Lol CL

Sunday, July 18, 2004

I'm Back!

Hey everyone did you miss me? I did it! Granted i walked 56 instead of 48 kilometers but i did it. We got mildly lost but it was not my fault that the map was upside down or we were following the wrong needle on the compass! I want no jokes about women and maps thanks.
I have never listened to Radiohead but will it help if i buy some and let you know? I am a woman and i do not like to be hassled!
Will people please end this speculation about me and Mr T i am sure he is very nice but i have never met the man and i don't think that it  is possible to fall in 'love' entirely over the internet! So to conclude i cannot fancy Mr T as i have only one clue to his real identity plus i am sure that he has other prospects other than a 15 year old crazy girl from Guernsey with a bizarre thirst for danger.
Oh and did you know that being caught in a muddy bog - 4 times, up to your waist is not fun?!

Friday, July 09, 2004

Bogs everywhere

Hey everyone how are you all? As you look at the title of this blog you may scratch your crazy heads but wait! This message is not full of shite as the title suggests but on Sunday i am heading out, once again, into the big wide world which they tell me is full of ponies and bogs.
I already knew this as i have been to the forest more than once! I have not been sleeping so that when we set up camp on the first nite i will be so tired that i will not notice how hard the ground is or the crippling back pain that results in you laying down in the tent for more than half an hour and i will be forced (hopefully) to fall straight to sleep and worry about the back pain when i wake up! Good plan don't you think?!
Lotsa luv, and don't do anything i wouldn't do!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I am often confused, i see it as a crazy quality. i get confused with the world, people, me and now blogger. i posted a message yeaterday but it is not here!

(Long thoughtful pause)... hmm actually, come to think of it that was on your blog Mr T, sorry!

Lovely rainy weather here in Guernsey hows about in your part of the world? I only have two days of school left! The week after that is 'activities' week and that is my silver expedition week. The two weeks following that i am working and then i am going 'home' to my beloved Southampton for the duration of the holidays.

You know at the moment the weather is cold, wet and raining the wind is force 7, tomorrow is my last sailing lesson for 8 weeks, i can't miss it but at the moment the prognosis is not good.

Mr T you are the only one on this site, where is everyone else?

I am off to your blog now Mr T so see you in a minute

lol Crazy Lady

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Truly Crazy

Ah frustration, a truly crazy quality. Mr T i don't mind saying i think i have had a great impact on you, it makes me proud. don't get me wrong i am not saying that you can't be crazy on your own i just think we are good for each others personalities.

I would also love to post a picture of myself but only for you to see, the rest of the world? not so much!

So is Gordaon your name? cool!
If you tell me i'll tell you!

Lotsa luv your partner in true craziness

Monday, July 05, 2004

Vandalism + stuff

you know mr t that was a memorial bench, the poem was on a plaque. the vandals here are just like any others in the uk

you are right mr t i am not naturally depressed, i just sort other peoples problems (nb this is not an agony aunt site) my own are trivial to the much bigger problems out there.

which brings me to the rather inspiring p+o cruises advert "there's a world out there" this makes me think quite deeply. i am stuck in my small island of 60thousand inhabitants and i will not stay here a minute longer than necessary. i want to travel and discover the world. that deep part out of the way i will move onto lighter topics.

my dad has just got back from london (the folks are divorced) he bought me such a nice gift, we get on so well. i just had to tell that to the world even though none of you know my name, neither would you recognise me if you saw me. though i am curious to someday meet you mr t

i must go now but please leave a post and i will talk soon

lol the original crazy lady(not available in shops)

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Rainy days 2

i have to say i am a little depressed, i wrote a long post and just before i posted it my computer crashed so now i have to start again.

This is not a depressing message but today is the guernsey harbour carnival, it starts at six but right now it is pouring down with rain. i love the carnival but not in the rain!

Does any one know if you have to have tickets to get into cowes week (7-14 august)? i am planning on going, not to compete just for a look around and i wondered if i had to buy tickets, if you know please let me know, thanks. i have, obviously, booked the wightlink ferry to the iow.

Mr t there will be plenty of time for moisturising on expo, after a hard days walking you need a little pampering, don't you think? since i cannot take a therapist or masseuse, neither do i own one then clinique samples are a god - send.

I will finish with a short inscription from a bench at my favourite spot in guernsey; 'and the sun went down and the stars came out far over the summer sea'

Lotsa luv crazy lady the 1st

Friday, July 02, 2004

Hey Mr T

Welcome crazy friends

Well Mr T this is fun!
I hope you are all enjoying your summers so far, i am going shopping tomorrow

Just a short post because i have to go to bed now

Lotsa luv Craziest of ladies