Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm coming...

...to Scotland.

If you'll have me.


Friday, November 04, 2005

The Paranormal

Every Friday in our last period of the week, year 12 have to choose an 'Additional Study'. These range from car maintenance to critical thinking, but guess which one I ended up on? The Paranormal. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting to take it very seriously. Actually I'm not taking it very seriously, well, considering the topic for our first week was astrology - I think it's a fair view. We did a group thing whereby we were all given four sheets of paper and put into groups of four. Then we had to read each one and decide which character description corresponded to who, they were all taken from a book of birthday descriptions - you know the ones that read 'People born on this day are generally...'. Well this post is really just copying down what people born on the 15th June are supposed to be like, what I'm supposed to be like.
It made me laugh for ages actually, I'm not convinced it has a whole lot to do with me but have a read and see if you agree:

These people depend on their charm to get them where they want to go. Thus their principal talents are outwardly directed and involve others. These people must be appreciated for their seductive charms to work. That is, their particular brand of seduction is overt rather than convert. Those born on this day have a way of winning others over to their point of view and then bringing the best out of them. Most people just want to be appreciated; only the least evolved are more calculating and have a hidden agenda. Money may be very important to this type of person.
Being attractive, in a broad sense, is a big issue for those born on this day. If they do not have natural looks, they use their brains to seduce. If that doesn't work, they use their cunning, their speech, or their knowledge of human nature to draw interest. They have a way of making the opposite sex dependent on them, usually by a combination of the above mentioned charm and becoming indispensable. Any manipulation taking place is, again, clearly overt and in no way as underhand as it sounds - the game is usually enjoyed by both players.
These people specialize in knowing people, how they tick, what their dreams, aspirations and basic needs are. Most importantly, they are able to make us of this knowledge. Often people of this type working for a cause or a company can be of great value in attracting the public to a product or service; public relations and advertising seem to come naturally to them. Indeed, any profession involving "baiting the hook and catching the fish" is withing their talens: evangelical work for example.
These people are adept at guiding children, for they understand youthful motivations. They usually make good parents but can have some glaring faults, such as spoiling their children terribly or manipulating them through being alternatively unforgiving and apologetic.
If a club or organization is looking for a fundraiser, they need look no further; if a business depends on getting people into their store, these people will usually know not only how to attract customers but how to make the sale as well. They have an instinct for how far to push and when to back off, and as the years go by they just get better at it. Rarely are those born on this day found pursuing immoral goals, perhaps because it is a pursuit in itself, not the goal that interests them. Most often their charming manner is a delight to those around them. What they really are, however, their true identity, may forever be a mystery not only to others but to themselves as well. More highly evolved people are not locked into the role of seduced, however benignm but remain open to outside influences, perhaps higher forms of consciousness ansd thought.

STRENGTHS: Attractive, Sensuous, Clever
WEAKNESSES: Manipulative, Too Outgoing

I really don't see me in that, which confounds my belief that star signs, astrology and the like - are rubbish.

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