Friday, October 29, 2004


No, sorry but there is no party, this is just a ridiculously short post to say "I'm Happy!!" oh and crazy! Thanks Davey, I think i'm pretty happy with who i am at the moment and you should be too, all of you!!
I got the job i think (so my dad says) so that's all good and by order of him i have submitted my christmas wish list - yes really! Only 6 or 7 weeks until the big holiday itself!!
Oh and i have a quote from a movie i like - i won't tell you which in case you can guess but i think there might be truth in it - how about you? (this is not serious):

"It is only by being on the edge that we discover who we really are - under the skin"

Well stay happy everyone, and stay yourselves-whatever the cost!
Keep living love crazy x x x

Monday, October 25, 2004

Happy, happy!

Aaargh, shit that didn't work! I'll never be serious again, it just never works and causes depression, sorry I'll stay crazy. It is a bit sad though, i just can't hold a serious conversation, i'll be flying a plane and we'll catch fire and i'll be like "well folks, say your prayers" they'll never employ me, i hate serious!!
Plus when i'm serious people are like; 'what's up with you?' i'm just not naturally serious, so there we are.
I applied for another job today, a finance company are looking for student female 'file reconstructors' so basically it's an office of fat guys who don't know their alphabet and need a female to stare at, but you know it's £6 an hour so not bad money and my Dad knows the boss so i might get it, 'it's not what you know but who you know!' the Body Shop bitch cancelled on me and then never rebooked but i'm not fussed just so long as everyone knows that when i am in full time employment i will avoid offices at all costs.
I just booked my Christmas trip to Southampton, i am going on the 26th December which will piss my dad off but you know i'll hang out with him before christmas and he usually comes around on christmas day. so now i am going to book a weekend in London which i'll go on to from Southampton which will be good. i'm going to jersey again on friday, this time with my mum so that's all good, you know it's all pretty good at the moment, and you? I'm omitting my mocks in january and my french and spanish orals in consecutive weeks in march, but thats all after christmas so lets get that financially-draining holiday out of the way first, i can't wait for christmas, i love it!!

Keep living crazy lady x x x

Friday, October 22, 2004


Right, hello again.

This post is freedom - inspired. Today was the first offical day of half term for me and last night i had a sleep over with Saffron. We planned to spend the night under the stars at the bottom of my garden but that didn't go well when it started to rain so we came indoors and watched movies whilst eating cadburys roses and ben and jerrys ice cream. Today was major shopping trip.

Now to freedom. I am free from school for a week, yes? right and i was thinking, is freedom from school the only true freedom we ever have? in our lives? Day to day you have school/uni, on holiday you have work maybe. After graduation you have work and taxes then later a spouse and children? Already we have the full time tie of the family. and i have a sneaking suspicion that this is the only time in our lives that we have true freedom, or near enough.
"Two men look out throught the same bars, one sees the mud and one sees the stars" I can't remember who said that but it is so relevant to today. It sounds depressing, which isn't me, but we are all behind metaphorical bars and all we can do is dream and try our hardest to escape scot-free. i like to think that i see the stars and we should all aim for the stars. tell me if you think i'm talking crap, but thats my view on things.

Secondly i'm going to go all athletic on you, i went for a run yesterday for the first time in a few weeks and i have a feeling that it is actually good for you. So many things make sense when your feet are pounding against the asphalt, that really wouldn't at work or in the classroom, it's a good way to really think things through.

One thing i have been asked to think about is my A-level choices, we take four and here is my shortlist, let me know what you think;

Media Studies
English lit

I want to be a pilot and we have this program which you input your details and characteristics and it chucks out careers, here is my top ten;

RAF officer (?)
Royal Navy officer (what?)
Army officer
Airline Pilot
Armed forces pilot
Prison officer (no way)
Computer operator (i will not work in an office)
Publishers rep

i have to say i was stunned, i had never thought about half of those and i have to say i don't think my personality is that of army personnel, i like to get things done my way and i don't take crap but then i am calm and maybe too laid-back

Anyway thats pretty much it, "No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent" i'm pretty sure you all recognise that as an Eleanor Roosevelt quote and remember it, it's true.

Keep living Crazy lady x x x

Sunday, October 17, 2004


Well i sure hope that no Guerns are viewing this page because what i am about to say may be offensive. Jersey rocks! There is a lot of rivalry between the two islands but i have to say that Jersey is the better island. The harbour, i grant you, is nothing compared to Guernsey but Jersey definately wins the shopping stakes, i spent the day there yesterday, HMV made a fortune out of me and Roxy didn't do too badly either!

Thanks for the comments on the late Christopher Reeve.

I have but four days of school until half term, four days too many in my opinion. Oh interesting fact, i was cleaning out my bookcase the other day and guess what i found? Two poetry books with book-markers in, so what? i hear you say, well the bookmarks marked two pages each with one of my poems printed on! Yes i am a printed poet, granted i was 10yrs and 11yrs but still!

Not much else to say so i'll leave you with this image of St Peter Port harbour, Guernsey.

fine if that won't work then i'll leave the link for you to view

Keep living love crazy ladyx x x

Friday, October 15, 2004


This has got to be one of the shortest posts ever, but i'm away tomorrow.
I know i am a bit late but i just wanted to pay tribute to the late Christopher Reeve. He died on Sunday but for the past few years his life was an uphill struggle, but he never gave up. In my mind he is the one and only Superman and i salute him for his determination and optimistic frame of mind, even when he was told he would never walk again.

So in summary, to Christopher Reeve the original Superman

Keep Smiling Crazy Lady

PS I wrote the following on the previous post: that i think you are all sympathetic and really quite sweet, plus humour doesn't count as being unsypathetic anyway.
Hugs and kisses

Monday, October 11, 2004

(no title)

Hey! Right sorry about my little outburst but i was ever so slightly pissed off, as you could probably tell.

The craziest thing i've ever done? Well i don't know, i kinda do a lot of crazy stuff which amounts to one crazy person. On dofe i didn't get on well with the whole peeing in the bush thing i asked couples in their caravans for the use of theri facilities. I saw four of my teachers in the pub with my dad on saturday, so i jokingly ordered vodka and coke, the barman who i knew actually made it! My dad drank it though, now they can't quite believe it was me. I guess i am brought up slightly different to other girls, i quite often find myself surrounded by strong male role models and businessmen. I guess my dad thought that since he didn't live with me, he should ensure i have a lot of really quite sweet male friends and the time i spend with him should be memorable. It does mean that i know quite a lot about you guys and he can't get away with anything.

Yes i do have hotmail, not messenger because i still haven't updated it, but i will e-mail you. And the picture? yes i will post it, all in good time! It's a work in progress (meaning the film is still in the lab)

So how are you all? It is my turn this week to come down with the plague. unfortunately at this stage in year 11, no school is not an option. This means that i have to make like the rest of what seems like the world and carry on feeling like shit and hacking my lungs up at everyone i pass. sorry not a pretty picture but there we are.

I don't mean to carry on but let me get this whining thing off my chest and then i'll cheer up again.

I have also managed to bugger up my bloody back again. i was out running and yep wet leaves are dangerous. But anyway it's okay, well it's not but yeah i'm finished.

So what are you doing with your two weeks of freedom? I just rang up East, a clothes shop about a job. Their stuff is kinda not my thing but the pay definately is! wish me luck!

I am really not comfy, sorry but i gotta go lay down, this kills. (not literally)

Keep living, be happy
luv niki

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Yes i am very angry, i just wrote an extraordinarily long post and my computer crashed. well i'm sorry but i'll not write it again.

That's all, oh and if you can think of something for me to say on my next post, please let me know.

keep living Crazy, angry lady

aargh i can't stop this thing from pushing my posts down

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I like to think of my school as a little community or country, we are only 1000 strong but we wear our uniforms (us year 11's with a homemade twist usually) and also the point of this little paragraph, tomorrow is our Annual Open Evening, we volunteer ourselves to come into school, in the evening and allow little year 6's look around and decide whether they should take the 11+ and join our community. I am such a sad, i mean patriotic person. I am going in at 6:30 until 8:00, I am giving up my gym session to play in windband with my lil' old Clarinet, those year 6's better damn well appreciate it, thats all i can say.

So how are you all? I have just got this going after a period of absence, the blogger wouldn't work. I am no longer employed, yep out of work and very soon, money. I want to go for the upcoming receptionist job, it pays well, but until then I am thinking a waitress, the advert for jobs goes: 'Only smiley, positive, energetic and kinda crazy people need apply' I mean wow! was this job made for me? The fact that I can get into trouble faster than you can say 'ow' is no longer important, I can be clumsy but with an ad like that, how can I refuse?

I have replied on my previous post so check that out 'cos I haven't got time to move it up to this post, oh and if you want to see some pictures of guernsey go to there is a link to island scenes.

Keep living Nikita

Ps. a girl at my school, who i did dofe with is called Eilidh (air-lee)