Sunday, October 17, 2004


Well i sure hope that no Guerns are viewing this page because what i am about to say may be offensive. Jersey rocks! There is a lot of rivalry between the two islands but i have to say that Jersey is the better island. The harbour, i grant you, is nothing compared to Guernsey but Jersey definately wins the shopping stakes, i spent the day there yesterday, HMV made a fortune out of me and Roxy didn't do too badly either!

Thanks for the comments on the late Christopher Reeve.

I have but four days of school until half term, four days too many in my opinion. Oh interesting fact, i was cleaning out my bookcase the other day and guess what i found? Two poetry books with book-markers in, so what? i hear you say, well the bookmarks marked two pages each with one of my poems printed on! Yes i am a printed poet, granted i was 10yrs and 11yrs but still!

Not much else to say so i'll leave you with this image of St Peter Port harbour, Guernsey.

fine if that won't work then i'll leave the link for you to view

Keep living love crazy ladyx x x


Nodders said...

Good golly! That is one fantastic harbour. It looks like the Medittereanean!

Another good golly! You have to tell Davus about you're publishedness. His ego has expanded beyond belief and if someone else steps up and says they've had published two pieces of work, well, I'd pay to see it!

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey!
Hope you're feelin a bit beta, and yep, wet leaves are dangerous! Sorry i havent visited for a while, but here i am! one of my teachers slipped and fell on wet leaves and cut his eyebrow, if it had been a litle bit lower, he probably would have lost his eye!
I just have to say this: I's on half term now! YESSS! 2 glorious weeks of doing nothing (Except chemistry and english courseork and working). So i might visit a little more often now, depends on what im doing!
Well, cya soon guys

Nodders said...

Whare about's do you hail from Laura?

Davus said...

dude, my ego hasn't swelled that much... i thought i was positively humble when mr darge kept on bringing it up in english. good on you niki, were published literary type buddies. don't mind gordon though, he's just a tad jealous is all. yeah, that harbour looks pretty swell, are you from guernsey or jersey, i can't remember.

Niki said...

guernsey dear, i'm from guernsey. yeah the harbour is kinda amazing if you go to the main site you can see Petit Bot a great walk and just below it is my favourite beach,and Castle Cornet and the bay is where we launch the boats, in the distance you can see Herm, which is 3 miles off our coast, i love to sail to it. hey Laura, yep i'm all better although your teacher seems like he was in a worst state then me, i think i value my sight above all other senses and being able to walk.
thats all for now
keep living Crazy lady
PS I don't get royalties though!

Anonymous said...

hey again
well, me teachers ok now. hes just a got a huge cut, did i mention that before? But im from Lincolnshire. thats on the east coast of england, if ya didnt know. howeva ya probably did. if ya wanna look it up, im near Grimsby. likin the port!!!! Ours is tiny, covered in wood boats/ships/carriers/things and car carriers etc etc. god im borin! well, cya soon, hopin to get a blog, im a leetle bit closer, just a bit more tidyin to do!!! well, ttfn guys. off ta c mr ts post now. bye bye
ttfn Laura