Friday, October 15, 2004


This has got to be one of the shortest posts ever, but i'm away tomorrow.
I know i am a bit late but i just wanted to pay tribute to the late Christopher Reeve. He died on Sunday but for the past few years his life was an uphill struggle, but he never gave up. In my mind he is the one and only Superman and i salute him for his determination and optimistic frame of mind, even when he was told he would never walk again.

So in summary, to Christopher Reeve the original Superman

Keep Smiling Crazy Lady

PS I wrote the following on the previous post: that i think you are all sympathetic and really quite sweet, plus humour doesn't count as being unsypathetic anyway.
Hugs and kisses


Davus said...

yeah, i was sad to here of christopher reeves death, he was a great man. still, his family can take comfort in the fact that he set an example for thousands the world over, and he shall remain a positive icon for many years to come. hehe, i've got an episode of the muppets which he guest stars on, he's so funny! i totally agree with you, Christopher Reeve, the original superman.

Nodders said...

Oh man, that guy was an inspirational piece of work, not only in the way that he lived his life, but also that he pioneered so many new treatments that he has made a physical difference. To Christopher Reeves, the eternal superman.

ps. Aw, shucks...