Monday, October 11, 2004

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Hey! Right sorry about my little outburst but i was ever so slightly pissed off, as you could probably tell.

The craziest thing i've ever done? Well i don't know, i kinda do a lot of crazy stuff which amounts to one crazy person. On dofe i didn't get on well with the whole peeing in the bush thing i asked couples in their caravans for the use of theri facilities. I saw four of my teachers in the pub with my dad on saturday, so i jokingly ordered vodka and coke, the barman who i knew actually made it! My dad drank it though, now they can't quite believe it was me. I guess i am brought up slightly different to other girls, i quite often find myself surrounded by strong male role models and businessmen. I guess my dad thought that since he didn't live with me, he should ensure i have a lot of really quite sweet male friends and the time i spend with him should be memorable. It does mean that i know quite a lot about you guys and he can't get away with anything.

Yes i do have hotmail, not messenger because i still haven't updated it, but i will e-mail you. And the picture? yes i will post it, all in good time! It's a work in progress (meaning the film is still in the lab)

So how are you all? It is my turn this week to come down with the plague. unfortunately at this stage in year 11, no school is not an option. This means that i have to make like the rest of what seems like the world and carry on feeling like shit and hacking my lungs up at everyone i pass. sorry not a pretty picture but there we are.

I don't mean to carry on but let me get this whining thing off my chest and then i'll cheer up again.

I have also managed to bugger up my bloody back again. i was out running and yep wet leaves are dangerous. But anyway it's okay, well it's not but yeah i'm finished.

So what are you doing with your two weeks of freedom? I just rang up East, a clothes shop about a job. Their stuff is kinda not my thing but the pay definately is! wish me luck!

I am really not comfy, sorry but i gotta go lay down, this kills. (not literally)

Keep living, be happy
luv niki


Nodders said...

Aw man! I feel for you. Good luck with the job thing, you've not been having much luck at the moment. Thanks for emailing me by the way. Much appreciated.

Davus said...

awwwww, illness really sucks, i know this. here, some digitised hugs to make you feel better *sends binary hugs in general directon of gurnsey*
hope you get better soon, don't die or anything.
umm yeah, love you (just to annoy gordon, he can't stand cutesy talk)

Nodders said...

I'm not adverse to cutsey talk, I'm just annoyed by the talk that goes on between you and Laura (not DofE Laura) since she's the only one you do it to. I mean if I said anything like that to Lou in front of you, you'd laugh, and I'm arguably more camp than you, so I should get away with these things.

Davus said...

for consistnecies sake i shall now talk to everyone in the same way. does that make you happy DEAR? yesh, it may be camp, but i'm not the one with a male stalker, so weesht. oh, i like that word, weesht. weesht weesht weeshity weesht. *davey now skips of weeshting innocent pieces of foliage*

Niki said...

East was no good, you have to be 17, i have an interview for next week with the Body Shop and hopefully then i will be able to move without feeling like i will pass out. thanks for the hugs! i send some back to you guys, but not too hard cos it hurts!! i don't have that whole not going to the doctor thing though and i have painkillers. gotta go,
keep living not so crazy (at the moment) lady
x hug x hug x hug x hug x hug x

Nodders said...

Aw man... Now I look like the insensitive and uncararing dude of the party. *sigh*

Davus said...

but dude, you so are the unsensitive guy of the party. why when keir came out with his problem all you could do is giggle and make cheap gags. what an ARSE. only kidding gordo, i wouldn't be so cruel and nasty to you DEAR. anyway, that's all from me, talk to you later

Niki said...

you are so not unsensitive! i think that you are all pretty cute and sympathetic, humour does not count as being unsympathetic anyway. this is a bizarre and random thought but lets say any number of us went to the same uni, you would still be there when i got there!i went to games period today - badminton. bad idea, definately does not help the back, makes it worse in fact, just thought you might like to know.
keep living love niki x x x

Nodders said...

What's that noise? Why it's the sound of my ego re-inflating. Cheers Niki, your a swell lass too. I'll let you know what Uni's I'm trying for once I make up my mind...

Kyle said...

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