Thursday, February 17, 2005

Misty Windows

Thanks Gordon, just yeah thanks - haven't spoken on msn for ages but hope you had a good day. Laura erm oh yeah it looks like fun but don't do it if you don't have time!! I'll see you later bout it.
I found this poem and felt like sharing it.

Misty Windows

Lucky are those with the truth
Not often true to nature
Revealing, open and often windows to the soul
Shrouded in mystery, no-one can come in
So many are misted up
Mine are crystal clear
But who cares? They're mine, only mine
Those which matter are fitted with rose-coloured lenses
Yours can't see in, past this facade
To you mine are misty windows
Interpret them how you will
However to those who truly care
My misty windows are clear.

Keep living x x x

Friday, February 11, 2005

Crying, kissing and boredom

This post is a bit of a mixed bag really; I give you the story of my life! No seriously you all know what’s been happening in my life recently so I’ll not bore you with details again, I’m at home and very, very bored again. Today is the first day I’ve been left on my own all day so I thought I’d utilise the time and write a new post, a post which got it’s title from a song I am currently listening to, but a title which is also quite appropriate.
Firstly: crying. A lot of crying has been going on round here recently, on my part and the parts of others – both of which were induced by me, not purposely I might add. Ever been suspected of something, but now openly asked? Well that’s what’s happening to me currently, if people just ask it’d be a hell of a lot easier, and less painful I think. Anyway you should all keep smiling because right now, smiling and happiness sounds like heaven to me.
Secondly: kissing. It’s nearly Valentines Day, that day that is so commercialised – it’s almost like Christmas. I’m not a fan personally, but then I would be cynical since I’ve no one to share it with. I don’t know, maybe it makes sense when you have someone to give you soppy cards and roses, or to give them to – Gordon? Is it bearable? I’ve only ever received one card and that was when I was 8 anyway, cards from my Dad don’t count – since he gives them to his girlfriends too.
Thirdly: Boredom. I’ve kinda already covered this, I’ve been home all week – in various beds all the while. Still it was a good opportunity to write I guess, I wrote a lot of stuff. I can’t make up my mind if it’s a good thing to be left with your thoughts or not. Lying down on your own there’s nothing to do but think – analyse everything, everything I’ve done and everything I want to do, all my thoughts are there with me – and there were a fair few bad ones. I think it’s bad because I almost went stir – crazy being trapped with only myself and my notebook and pen to share all these contemplation’s with.
Lastly: I just want to publicly announce, to all …5 of you, how much I congratulate Dame Ellen MacArthur on successfully circumnavigating the globe, alone – a woman who must know a lot about being with her thoughts after 71 days at sea. Words can’t really describe how much I admire her.

Keep living x x x

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Gym

Perhaps not one of my most scintillating topics but it is, after all, a topic and a topic that I previously mentioned nonetheless.
This post is to induce some enlightenment among those of you who’ve never been in a gym, never want to or are merely curious. You have all spoken to me on MSN and the like and know that I am an averagely normal person, so, this post is also to clarify that the gym is not purely for fitness fanatics and can actually be quite fun, if you really want it to be.
So I shall begin on the mysteries, myths and downright absurdities that we call ‘the gym’.
Every new applicant to my gym is required to go on an induction course before being let loose among the high-tech machines, which is probably a good idea I guess. For my induction I opted for a one-to-one affair with my dad as my supervising parent, this I thought was a touch of genius as he used to be a fitness trainer himself.
After the humiliation of being weighed by a complete stranger (and a rather good-looking one at that) the big white doors of the gym are flung open to reveal the horrors inside. All that can been seen all around are sweaty people, ‘pod people’, and the just plain weird people, at the moment I consider myself to me a little more sane than these people, however earphones in my ears and after a brisk ride I fit in just fine.
The induction is really boring, you have a workout program tailored to your specific needs and you are led through the mass of sweaty bodies to various machines which do resemble medieval torture devices. After learning to walk without your hands clamped to the sides of that lethal conveyor belt, the treadmill, then run, row, peddle and ‘x-train’. All of this first session is low impact but after learning that I am to attend 4 times a week, I fear that this is the first and last session that the sweat on my brow is that of fear and panic, rather than physical exhaustion.
I continued with this absurdity on a regular basis for the duration of 2004, gradually getting faster, pedalling further and finally beating that annoying regular guy on the rowing machine. My only motivation, besides the distant promise of the sea viewed from the giant windows, is the health suite, a bizarre cooking affair if I ever did see one. Roasted people in the sauna, steamed people in the steam room and boiled people in the Jacuzzi, I am somewhat sceptical of these three ‘relaxation techniques’ but add a few friends and they become really quite fun.
My aim this year was to cut down on my gym intake, deeming my body quite fit enough as it was without requiring almost 6 hours of training a week, so I have so far only attended the torture-chamber one day a week, a Sunday for a mere 2 hours.
In these two hours I follow this bizarre-looking program, merely added to this post to pad it out a little:
Warm up – 4kms, level 10 cycling
20mins, level 5 cross-training
20mins, speed 9km/hr running
20mins, level 10 rowing
50 crunches (average)
3kms running
A few more crunches
And a final 100calories worth of rowing
As I draw this post to a close I have probably not convinced anybody of the points I mentioned earlier, made myself sound even more strange than your previous suspicions and put across the idea that I am some super-fit hottie, which Keir will testify that I am not. However I have maybe added a touch of humour to the gym, convinced you that you’ll never join a gym or maybe at least just wasted 5 minutes of your time.
So anyway, I’ll go now but talk to you soon
Keep Living x x x

PS It has been mentioned my friends of mine that i have no respect for MSN 'status' therefore if anyone logs on and sets to 'busy' or 'away' i will keep well away, and only speak when spoken too. x x x