Thursday, February 17, 2005

Misty Windows

Thanks Gordon, just yeah thanks - haven't spoken on msn for ages but hope you had a good day. Laura erm oh yeah it looks like fun but don't do it if you don't have time!! I'll see you later bout it.
I found this poem and felt like sharing it.

Misty Windows

Lucky are those with the truth
Not often true to nature
Revealing, open and often windows to the soul
Shrouded in mystery, no-one can come in
So many are misted up
Mine are crystal clear
But who cares? They're mine, only mine
Those which matter are fitted with rose-coloured lenses
Yours can't see in, past this facade
To you mine are misty windows
Interpret them how you will
However to those who truly care
My misty windows are clear.

Keep living x x x


Davus said...

excellent poem.
mmm, you're never on msn or my blog anymore. remedy this or i'll be forced to be upset.

Davus said...

oh, and descartes is the shnizz. apart from his justification for the existence of god, which was a bit borked to be honest.
talk to you later.

Niki said...

Damn spelt descartes wrong, i might change it and i might not. I think we're on at different times hold on i've just spoken to you, anyway im off to your blog now
keep living x x x

Zed0 said...

Hi there Niki
I'm not really one for poetry but that one was alright I suppose

you know the stroy of my life so far

random piece of informaion: on average in your life you break 8 toes without realising it

Sooz? said...

I liked the poem.