Friday, October 22, 2004


Right, hello again.

This post is freedom - inspired. Today was the first offical day of half term for me and last night i had a sleep over with Saffron. We planned to spend the night under the stars at the bottom of my garden but that didn't go well when it started to rain so we came indoors and watched movies whilst eating cadburys roses and ben and jerrys ice cream. Today was major shopping trip.

Now to freedom. I am free from school for a week, yes? right and i was thinking, is freedom from school the only true freedom we ever have? in our lives? Day to day you have school/uni, on holiday you have work maybe. After graduation you have work and taxes then later a spouse and children? Already we have the full time tie of the family. and i have a sneaking suspicion that this is the only time in our lives that we have true freedom, or near enough.
"Two men look out throught the same bars, one sees the mud and one sees the stars" I can't remember who said that but it is so relevant to today. It sounds depressing, which isn't me, but we are all behind metaphorical bars and all we can do is dream and try our hardest to escape scot-free. i like to think that i see the stars and we should all aim for the stars. tell me if you think i'm talking crap, but thats my view on things.

Secondly i'm going to go all athletic on you, i went for a run yesterday for the first time in a few weeks and i have a feeling that it is actually good for you. So many things make sense when your feet are pounding against the asphalt, that really wouldn't at work or in the classroom, it's a good way to really think things through.

One thing i have been asked to think about is my A-level choices, we take four and here is my shortlist, let me know what you think;

Media Studies
English lit

I want to be a pilot and we have this program which you input your details and characteristics and it chucks out careers, here is my top ten;

RAF officer (?)
Royal Navy officer (what?)
Army officer
Airline Pilot
Armed forces pilot
Prison officer (no way)
Computer operator (i will not work in an office)
Publishers rep

i have to say i was stunned, i had never thought about half of those and i have to say i don't think my personality is that of army personnel, i like to get things done my way and i don't take crap but then i am calm and maybe too laid-back

Anyway thats pretty much it, "No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent" i'm pretty sure you all recognise that as an Eleanor Roosevelt quote and remember it, it's true.

Keep living Crazy lady x x x


Nodders said...

Yo! It all depends on your perspective of freedom. I enjoy going to school since it's also a social gathering, and if I lived out of town, away from my pals, then the countryside would become a prison. Also, I fail to see how getting married and having kids hinders your freedom. Sure it changes the type of freedom, but if you believe it'll be a lead weight on your social life, best not get married or pregnant. In the end, I think you are generalising too much with the term 'freedom' as it can't be used vaguely.

As for your career, don't just go with what a computer tells you you can do, it's down to you.

Niki said...

yeah i'm not saying that school is rubbish, i would hate to be cut off from my best friends because they are a part of me, i would hate not to have anyone to be tied to, even if i wasn't with them at that moment. i was just having a thoughtful moment right then. i would love to have a family, but this week i can do anything i want and go where i want to go, thats all i meant. i definately won't go with the computer, i'll see what i want to do when i am ready. but you gotta admit a family does slightly restrict you, i wouldn't dream of just upping and leaving if i had a partner and children, i am going to get my career and travelling done before i commit to anyone because i know that relationships are for ever, (not just for christmas!)
keep living love crazy x x x

Davus said...

ahhh, here comes the big bad cynical wolf. first of all, freedom. right, freedom means your able to choose for yourself what you want to do. mmm, sorry, don't believe in free will, therefore freedom never exists, not now not ever.

however, working within the context of free will, yeah, were probably as free now as we'll ever be. of course families restrict your freeedoms, that's what responsibility does. the more responsibiility the less free you are, and as far as responsibiliites go you don't get much more free than now. of course a baby has no responsibilities, but a baby lacks the capabilites to do anything anyway. you could argue that were just as incapable as babies... we may want to travel the world, but that doesn't mean its possible. however i reckon that right now we've got the perfect balance of virtually no responsibilities yet were still capable of an awfull lot.

oh, and relationships don't last forever. nothing lasts for ever, absolutely nothing. relationships are no exception, and usually end up lasting much less time than a lot of other less pleasent things. however sad this may be its the cold bitter truth. which sucks, but there's nothing we can do about it.

mmmmm, damn it, i need to get more chirpy again.

right, whose up for rumba at my place?

Nodders said...

Davus, you suck. Are your parents not happilly married? Is that not a relationship? Do you believe that they're going to spilt up sometime in the future?

Why the fuck do you persist on thinking like that?

You've made me sad. Screw you.

Davus said...

right, i am going to try and not get to fasiciouse here simply because i'm not sure wether or not your being seriously pissed off with me or just arsing around. either way, its not very nice.

i'm sorry if my opinion deppreses you, that was not my intention. no, i don't see my parents splitting up, i think that it is very likely they shall remain happily married for the rest of their lives.

for the rest of their LIVES.

"Do you believe that they're going to spilt up sometime in the future?" um, YES. death does that you know... you of all people should know i don't believe in an afterlife. this means that they, along with every other relationship and friendship for everyone everywhere will someday end. once your dead, thats it, you don't meet up again in the sky to share drinks and talk about the good times. its over, finished, and this is forever.

if this deppresses you then that's just tough, our own mortality is just something we have to get to grips with. either don't think about it or believe in god, either way i won't say "you suck... fuck you... you've made me sad, screw you" etc.

you may think that i'm just wallowing in self pity, which for the majority of cases would be true. but not here, the whole death thing doesn't really bother me anymore. what does upset me is seeing friendships slip away while i'm still alive... but seeing as how that wasn't what I was talking about, i'm suprised that something that doesn't upset me at all should make you so sad. do you want to talk about it?

oh, and if your post was meant in good spirit then, well, i love you man. if however you meant what you said then you have made me sad. i still love you (aawwww), but i do feel a little hurt.

Sooz? said...

aw, guys, don't get too sad. I kinda agree with both of you, things do end at some point, but the fact that death ends some stuff does really upset me. (as i guess both of you would realise..) I agree that it hurts more for frindships to slip away whilst everyone involved is still alive, but still..

oh, as for your a-level things- philosophy+ethics rocks. im doing the equivalent advaned higher course (well, sorta equivalent) and its good. ethics esp.

ok. i should go write this bleeding rmps essay... bioethics. great, but annoying..