Monday, October 25, 2004

Happy, happy!

Aaargh, shit that didn't work! I'll never be serious again, it just never works and causes depression, sorry I'll stay crazy. It is a bit sad though, i just can't hold a serious conversation, i'll be flying a plane and we'll catch fire and i'll be like "well folks, say your prayers" they'll never employ me, i hate serious!!
Plus when i'm serious people are like; 'what's up with you?' i'm just not naturally serious, so there we are.
I applied for another job today, a finance company are looking for student female 'file reconstructors' so basically it's an office of fat guys who don't know their alphabet and need a female to stare at, but you know it's £6 an hour so not bad money and my Dad knows the boss so i might get it, 'it's not what you know but who you know!' the Body Shop bitch cancelled on me and then never rebooked but i'm not fussed just so long as everyone knows that when i am in full time employment i will avoid offices at all costs.
I just booked my Christmas trip to Southampton, i am going on the 26th December which will piss my dad off but you know i'll hang out with him before christmas and he usually comes around on christmas day. so now i am going to book a weekend in London which i'll go on to from Southampton which will be good. i'm going to jersey again on friday, this time with my mum so that's all good, you know it's all pretty good at the moment, and you? I'm omitting my mocks in january and my french and spanish orals in consecutive weeks in march, but thats all after christmas so lets get that financially-draining holiday out of the way first, i can't wait for christmas, i love it!!

Keep living crazy lady x x x


Anonymous said...

hey hey hey
i like the idea of the as levels - just remember if you need top grades you may have to drop one. when i put mine in, it came up with a gardener and a typist (?) and a swimming instructor (as if) and stupid things like that, just not what i want to do!!! Everything but! I want to be an archaeologist (digging up remains of long,long,long,long dead people and chemically analysing them to see how old they are and what era they belong in etc etc etc). English lit sounds good, thats what im doing at the mo, its alrite - just a lot a lot of analysing. and if you do enduring love by ian mcewan - be prepared for analysation of the century. it is a 'book of questions and answers' but i havent got to the answers yet and ive finished the book! oh, its also wierd and boring - sorry if ya know the guy or wahteva but thats just my opinion.
anyway cristmas shopping after christmas is always good. one word. SALES. thats my favourite word, except for 'FREE', which is even better!
orals arent that bad, you just have to keep your head and try to think in the language youre speaking and dont leave an awkward pause when you cant think of the word you want! believe me i was sat there for ages and ages before i got to the word i wanted and it wasnt even that complicated, it was 'lights'. in german. hmmm. i cant even remember it now! i dropped spanish, its too much like french and i was speaking french in spanish and spanish in german and german in french, if any of that made sense! (i only took deutsch for gcse though, i dropped froggy and spanish). well, this is a very long comment, but theres nothing like chatting to someone who isnt even online, is there?
so ttfn

Davus said...

gosh, i really wish i had a job. not only do i not have one at present, i'm completley out of money too. this will not do.

don't worry about the inability to stay serious, we have the rest of our lives to do that. it's a big character flaw of mine that i let silly things get to me which leads to lots of serious and unnecessary thinking... don't pick up my bad habits, your lovely the way you are.

oh, and you'll have a fantastic time in london, believe me, it's great! visit the british museum if you get a chance, its free and really cool.

do stay crazy
love you

keir said...

restrain yourself davus ;) only kidding - yeah blissful-ignorance kicks ass, no need for soma. i apologise, i think i just made this serious

Anonymous said...

heigh ho, hows the job, did you get it? ive just had to cancel my overtime this month - ive got bloody tonsilitis and the effing doctor wouldnt give me anything for it. he was a trainee and apparently tonsilitis is a viral infection so theres nothing he can do, but i know for a fact he can give me a penicillin derivative because ive had it before and i aslo know for a fact it is not a viral infection, it is a BUG. hmph.
dont be too bothered about not being serious, life is full of shit and if ya laugh all the time, well so much the better. hey, if ya die laughing people will remember you that way and not as a boring old fart who was serious all the time. and if there ever comes a time when you really need to be serious, you will be. heck, laughing at funerals in some sort of foreign country is thought to be deep, emotional grief, rather than crying! Personally i would do a bit of both, but more crying on my behalf. i dont know where that came from but im sure i heard it somewhere!
Have fun in southampton, is that where youre from or do you have relatives there? you seem to be emotionally attatched to that place! well, i am attatched to meadowhall, the closest big shopping centre to me. i suppose this tonsilitis is payback for me spending so much on those boots! Gosh, i really must get a blog, these posts are just too long!
well, anyway must dash, still got AS coursework to do. hmph.

Stagestruckgal said...

hey hey hey
its laura and i now have a blog! its
so happy happy happy is the way i am!

Niki said...

Thanks guys!! I think i'm pretty happy with who i am at the moment and i do suit crazy better (if i do say so myself!) Yeah i am from southampton and now i visit whenever i can to see friends, relatives etc. I can't wait for London, i could live there, i will! I have been looking after my 2 sisters this week and it is hard! plus the house is stupidly tidy (i'm organised but not tidy-they're diffrent) because we hope to sell it and move so we have viewings here there and everywhere.
gotta go
keep living (and stay yourselves!)
love crazy x x x

Stagestruckgal said...

wahey, niki, you were the first to post on my blog!

:D :) :D :}

Thanks, none of these ppl have bothered visitin it yet. im goin blog crazy, theres already a new post! (Not a sly hint, there at all *ahem* *ahem*)
so, yeah. ttfn

Sooz? said...

hmm. I'm not sure we've 'met' even though I think I posted a couple times here.. anyway, I'm Siouxsie (Gordon and Daveys friend...) or as I'm currently known, fag hag. I guess you've caught the jist of that from the comments on Davus' site??!
I just thought I'd pop by and say hi, I like your attitude of keeping true to yourself.. something we all need to do more often.
awright, I think I'm out of this to say now. (my poor doggy is quivering in a corner cos she doesn't like fireworks, poor midge..)
g'night. x