Friday, October 29, 2004


No, sorry but there is no party, this is just a ridiculously short post to say "I'm Happy!!" oh and crazy! Thanks Davey, I think i'm pretty happy with who i am at the moment and you should be too, all of you!!
I got the job i think (so my dad says) so that's all good and by order of him i have submitted my christmas wish list - yes really! Only 6 or 7 weeks until the big holiday itself!!
Oh and i have a quote from a movie i like - i won't tell you which in case you can guess but i think there might be truth in it - how about you? (this is not serious):

"It is only by being on the edge that we discover who we really are - under the skin"

Well stay happy everyone, and stay yourselves-whatever the cost!
Keep living love crazy x x x


Niki said...

Hey me again - just to say i hope all of the 'stuff' in blogsville is resolved cos this is a happy page - you are all you for a good reason and if we can't accept each other then basically we don't speak to each other. please tell me to piss off as i know i'm not involved it's just that i hate people to feel uncomfortable and i just hope you can all be happy soon - it really is that simple
keep living x x x

Niki said...

Where did everybody go? Happy Halloween!!
keep living x x x

Davus said...

helloooooo, i'm still here! i think the lack of comments at the moment is down to people being too scared to express themselves incase they offends someone... it's all a bit sucky to be honest. still, your avice is duly noted, staying true to yourself, no matter what that means other people make of you is very important. and with this in mind i'll reiterate the question from my previous comment here: anyone up for rumba at mine?

keir said...

happy haloween, sorry for not commenting, been busy. we, tommorow ill be at an election party at daves - should be fun

Davus said...

Yes, it's gonna kick ass! football for intelectuals, i'm just heading off to mace to stock up on beer. its so useful having a brother whose in a position to sell you alcohol...