Monday, November 01, 2004

Old MacDonald

Well that was a random title! My sister has her CD player on and it is playing Old MacDonald had a farm. (she's four)

Please do express yourself on this page, I don't hold views on other peoples beliefs and i don't think anyone who does really has a place on my 'happy' page.

I was feeling a bit down before i came online, to tell you the truth i am easily bored, i know that and i fidget, today the daunting reality hit me : i may well be at school for the next 5 years at least, to a person like me that is a nightmare quite frankly and i don't know what to do. I will not acheive the career success i want without education but i like to be able to do what i want, when i want and i have realised that i need to devolop some serious self-discipline. I do posess it in things i like to do like sailing and stuff but i...just don't know.
I'm sure everyone feels like this buti am wondering; i have always been...well a sort of dreamer and what the hell does a dreamer make out of life, what do they acheive? Sorry i've gone all serious on you.

On a lighter note i saw a great friend of mine on saturday, i haven't seen him since i was ten, but he used to be a barman at a pub my dad takes me to, when i walked in on saturday and saw him there, it was amazing. we had a huge hug and all he could say was; "bloody hell, you're tall" occaisionly i would make a comment and he would say; "isn't she great?" he is just amazing. (oh he is 35 and engaged so don't get any ideas) He kept asking questions about me and constantly jabbering away excitedly about his wedding next July - bear in mind we are in a pub and have been for several hours now, i know all the bar staff and the manager, and lets just say i am allowed a little more than a coke. it just made me happy that although i was ten when he last saw me we still recognised each other and talked for hours and are now meeting up at christmas for another chat.

Today hasn't been good, back to school and i had too much sleep lats night - if i get more than 6/7 hours sleep i am like a person who loves to sleep and only gets 2 hours - very bad mood indeed! Then i walked into so many people, there are 1000 in my school but it was built for half of that so we sit in the corridors and it is such a crush in the hallways, plus i have a suspicion that i have become vaguely addicted to coffee or any caffeine actually, i had 10 cups today and when you are crazy to start with and you have 10 cups of black coffee, lets just say no alcohol is needed.

Well i better go now, i hope people stay their lovely selves and everything is back to normal soon

keep living love crazy x x x


keir said...

5 more years of school? that totally sucks - this is my last year - the end is in sight

Stagestruckgal said...

well, 5 years of school isnt all that daunting! theres another two years of VI form or college, then its off to uni for 3 years, mebbe four or five, depends what youre doin. mine will only last three years (i hope!)ive ben at school for 12 years. seriously. thios is my twelfth year. argh! never mind, ill get used to it! so, you'll have been in school for 11 years, am i right? i dunno about Davus n Gordon etc, i dont know much about scottish schooling! well, ttfn

Niki said...

That's right, i have two years of 6th form then 3 of uni, i hope to take a gap year though so that'll break it up a bit, i think scottish schooling is pretty much the same time-frame.
keep living x x x

Davus said...

mmm, well, at the longest i've got about 6 months of school left, plus 4 years at uni. but if i get into cambridge, i'm leaving school straight away and i only have 3 years at uni! so 3 to 4 1/2 years of education left. of course, you never stop learning... they just stop giving you exams on it.

Nodders said...

Dave, that last bit sounded just like a quote out of the homework planners.

Davus said...

lol, i know, i couldn't help it.