Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Fragile (apparently)

Hey, crazy people!

Firstly i'm sorry this page has been slightly neglected of late, i had, lets say an accident which inevitably ended in injury. I have (so they tell me) cracked a rib or two, and before i go on, i don't recommend it to anyone, it fucking hurts. (scuse language) At the time i just thought crap this hurts and then doc gave me some painkillers (which worked very well) and i went to school, big mistake, huge. Do you know how many people crash into you in the corridors usually without you noticing? It's a lot, back to AandE i go, i shouldn't have gone to school (now they tell me) and now i have different medicine which means i am shattered, he only gave me like the strongest i think there is so i am too tired to do anything, but i can't feel it, which is a plus i have to say.
So now i am very bored cos i'm at home and didn't go to school yesterday, today. Even f i can't feel it, i have to be careful for a week or two.
Now since that's all that has happened recently i'll go, please write back and save me (although i might be asleep)

Keep living x x x


keir said...

consider your languiage scused, as ribs, i think they snap to easily, anyway, get better soon.

Niki said...

Thanks keir, erm not much to say, another arse-numbingly boring day
and yes i think so too, pathetic little things thet break at the drop of a hat, and bloody hurt in the process
keep living x x x

Zed0 said...

ouch, hope you recover soon
how did this happen?

Nodders said...

Aaww man, that sounds horrible! You've got to tell us what happened! Admit it, it's kinda cool to say you've got a broken bone. Or maybe that's a guy thing...

Niki said...

lol, but yeah i think that is a guy thing. well, i feel kinda stupid, i fell off a bloody wall. stupid high things made out of bricks, and concrete is hard - remember that. anyway i didn't notice how high i was, i don't i love heights.
anyway will post again tomorrow, last day off school.
keep living (but be careful - what am i saying, think about consequences when they happen!)
x x x

Niki said...

Sorry i meant that i do like heights so i don't notice how high i am
anyway, new post tomorrow, and less pills!!
have a good night
keep living x x x

Zed0 said...

yeah, I once managed to get myself bleeding pretty badly jumping off a wall, except there was a salt water river at the bottom so it stung like hell, oh well at least I didn't break any bones

hope you recover soon so you can continue with the craziness

Davus said...

oh dear, that sounds awfull! sorry i haven't posted here in a while, i know, i should be chastised most mightily.

well, i hope you are feeling better soon, being ill/wonded is never much fun. though gordon is right, having bruises and scars to show off goes someways to making up for it.

hope you're able to post something soon, things aren't the same without you (less pink, but less fun too).