Monday, November 15, 2004


Hey everyone!
How are you all doing? I am back, about 75%, it's not 100 but you know sometimes you do have to slow down and move at the same pace as the rest of the world.
Sorry to carry on this topic but i haven't exactly done anything else lately so i have no option, i'm bored. Couldn't go to band the other day owning the fact that can't breathe proberly let alone blow a musical instrument, i couldn't even go shopping or to the gym, and i hate the gym, the highlight of my week has been a trip to Boots to collect my prescription on saturday, sorry that's much better now i've said it.
Anyway i really wanted to put up a new post but i've got nothing to tell you about, back to school today but that was bloody uncomfortable so you know.

I came up with two new quotes, whadda you think?

"If you think of the consequences you never do the actions"

"It is only by saying that you can't, that you don't"

yep that's how bored i was!

keep living x x x


Nodders said...

Ooph, I feel for you, all that physical tortures seeping into your mental state too. You've been led to write 'inspirational' quotes. I bet that REALLY hurts!

Mu-c said...



keir said...

"75%, it's not 100" lol. sorry, just couldnt resist pointing that out... anyway... if you have nothing better to do, try solving the problems of the universe (hint: its not bandaid). hope you get beter soon

Niki said...

yeah well school will hopefully save my brain before it's too late, i mentioned one of the quotes to my english lit teacher today and she was shocked, she actually came over and put her arm round me and said "I'm sorry, it must have really hurt" am i really usually that crazy?
"You look like shit - no offense" was another of the charming compliments that i received from a member of my art class, just cos i was a little pale, okay very pale owing to that fact that a 6foot3 sixth-former had just crashed into me. he himself nearly passed out when he saw the look on my face at how much it hurt, i think i scared him.
anyway, hi Mu-C
keep living x x x

Davus said...

weeeee, spirals are fun fun...
those quotes look like they belong in our planners, they're full of stuff like that.
anyhoo, get well soon, and if your bored, write a story, that's what i always do. or read slaughter house 5. both is good, though preferably not at the same time.
stay beautiful

Niki said...

yeah we have them in our planners too, there is even a winnie the pooh one, would you believe?
well at school not so boring but tomorrow is table tennis which i can't take part in so it should be really funny to watch, i've never played it and we only get three weeks of it so i guess i won't this year, i love games period so i'm really pissed off to be missing it, anyway i gotta go now
keep living x x x