Thursday, November 18, 2004

The extraordinary journey of the table tennis ball

Hello!! How y'all doin'? I'm not so bad I guess.

Today was games period and the first of three weeks of table tennis sessions, none of which i am allowed to take part in, but oh well it's just as fun, sorry boring to watch. Have you ever played/watched, it's the dullest thing ever.

The highlight of the two hour session was when a cheeky little table tennis ball decided to make a break for freedom, my normal partner Tom decided to whack a ball at me 'cos i wasn't scoring properly, but his not-so-cunning-plan backfired on him, ha! The ball saw it's chance and made for it! This hall is huge and it's got 14 tables in it, as the only one not taking part i was awarded the job of cheif inspector on this important case. There were times when i thought, by golly i've found it! but alas no, the little buggar was just to fast for me.

A whole hour i searched high and i searched low, but could i find the little bastard? No, i couldn't. My sports teacher wasn't having any of it though and when we did the ball count at the end i was deading her punishment, literally sweating with nerves but what did we find? Not one ball was missing! Someone had found it, although i do suspect that Tom had it all along, bastard. Anyway i love him really and we found the ball, although i am dreading what i'll have to do for a whole two hours next week.

One good thing came out of this little escapade, i found out the badminton is along the road right opposite my Dads house, i didn't notice it until we came out and i saw his Jaguar(what he was doing home at 1:15 i don't know, he doesn't take lunch break) parked outside. Can you believe, i didn't recognise my own Dad's house first time? I had to see his car, aaargh I must go round there more often and avoid meeting at the pub.

Anyway, I must go now I've got my 6month blood test in an hour, to check my iron levels (i'm not pregant, just anaemic!!)

keep living x x x
(the clock on here is screwed, it's like 4:30pm, not 7:50pm. if it were 7:50 then i'd have missed the doctors, which i wouldn't(!!))


Niki said...

I am feeling flat, not a depressed flat but a rather more physical one, oh god i mean my hair, that sounded slightly suspicious.
Last night some friends came round, we put music on and got some drinks, you know the usual.
It turns out they had ulterior motives, one minute i was sitting happily and the next i was being accosted with what i can only describe as an instrument or torture. what was it? straightening irons, before i knew it i had straight hair, and i have to say i didn't like it one little bit. I turned up for school today with decidedly flat hair, i miss my curls, when will they come back? sltraight hair just isn't me, i feel like i should have a low-cut top and high boots on!
anyway i should have made a new post to say all this but never mind
keep living x x x

Davus said...

aagggghhh, noooo, curls are so much more interesting than straight hair, how could they have done this to you?

oooo, your dad has a jaguar, eh? interesting...

table tennis rules, we have a table tennis table in our garage and i love it, even though i can't find anyone who can beat me which gets a bit boring. and stop that muttering of "self satisfied" in the background keir, you big sardonic gimp you.

Niki said...

i no! i went out in the rain before and my curls are now restored!! yeah he has a jaguar, not that he ever drives it, it's an XJS(i like cars) you know that old tv program, the saint? well it's that one from like the 70's or whatever. apparently i can't drive it when i learn to drive, but i get a company car anyway, apparently.
you'd beat me in one at table tennis i reckon, although it wouldn't be hard considering i've never played.
i am being forced to wear heels this afternoon!! my dad says that he's fed up of me looking like i just wandered off of a boat, i said "you know i'm not one of your girlfrineds you know, i'm not a slut" yeah he was a bit pissed off, but it's true though, he meets them when he's working the night club doors on friday and saturday nights, they are just latvian bitches,
anyway keep living x x x

keir said...

ahhh - cars are evil, they eat the enviroment, oh no, sorry, thats vegitarians. The saint was sooooo funny, loved it. well, what do ya know, im wearing heels this morning to!

Stagestruckgal said...

well, hope ya had fun! my hair doesnt go straight or curly, kinda inbetweeny. gonna put it up for my schol ball tho. im so excited. i cant wait! even tho i dont have a date, im sure illl find sum1 to slow dance wiv! ha. take that and that K! not Keir sum1 else. (prat)soo, ttfn cya later!