Friday, July 02, 2004

Hey Mr T

Welcome crazy friends

Well Mr T this is fun!
I hope you are all enjoying your summers so far, i am going shopping tomorrow

Just a short post because i have to go to bed now

Lotsa luv Craziest of ladies


Niki said...

the clock is wrong i posted this at 10:30pm not 2:20! Just had to clarify that.
Performed in a concert today, i play clarinet grade five and i had my electronic keyboard exam this morning, they were as good as performances and exams could be i guess.
As i said i am going shopping tomorrow, it is sale time in guernsey, then i will go to work! Honest!
lol sleep tight! crazy

Nodders said...

How cool is this! The blog boom has begun! I'm liking your blog title... The clock is set to a different timezone. Go to settings and change to GMT 0(grenwich mean time). It's all looking groovy!

Niki said...

sorry to sound all girly and needy but where is settings exactly? went shopping it was good, sale in the body shop and the lady at the clinique counter gave me samples - perfect size for on expo which is this coming sunday!

Nodders said...

On the bit that you write your blog entries, there are headers above that, one of them says settings. Enjoy yourself on the expo with all your samples. When would you get the chance to use body lotion and all that jazz on an expo?