Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Just got fed up of the old post i guess!

I don't have a lot to say, I mean Merry Christmas to all, and happy winter solstice for yesterday if Christmas doesn't sound so appealing this year to you, I'm having doubts about it myself to be honest.

Anyway try and smile at least on the 25th and don't work too hard all of you out there with exams soon, try to lay back despite them being horrible and emotionally and physically draining.

Sorry i'm smiling

See you soon
Keep living love niki x x x


Davus said...

don't forget our little wager...
have a fun christmas, you deserve it!
peace love and rainbows.

Niki said...

how could i forget?! I'll try and you too, i was online but no-one else was so happy holidays all, i'm away on the 26th so might not be around for a while
keep living x x x
PS got the album too, very good

keir said...

hmmmm - a new theme eh
anywawy, which album, and merry christmas if your bothered

Nodders said...

What's this about a wager? Dave, I thought you didn't like gambling...

Merry Christmas!!!

Stagestruckgal said...

hope ya had a good christmas! I did. so there we are. i like the new look! i got an exam in jan, on the 11th at 9am. its chemistry. i hope i pass! ah well. gotta go. ttfn!

Niki said...

hey all! i'm okay actually i'll make a new post