Friday, December 03, 2004

Guernsey, Channel Islands

This post, is really not good, i am rubbish with computers! I have had to paste links to photos from other sites as i don't have a digital camera, and they won't let me paste them!
Enjoy my sorry effort!

That's it! Sorry christmas is coming and i hope to get a camera - so you can see guernsey through my eyes.

Keep living x x x


Nodders said...

Grr! Guernsey is far to good looking!! It looks strangely like the south of France... not that I've been there, but I'm a cinephile so monitor the Cannes Film Festival every year.

Zed0 said...

it looks like page 23 of the holliday magazine my mum picked up

Niki said...

we used to be connected to france ages ago (before my time!) then the land broke away, the CI are described by Victor Hugo as "little bits of france"
Erm, Ben what is page 23? i mean where?
I'll be online later so maybe talk to y'all then
Keep living x x x

Stagestruckgal said...

hey CL! sorry i havent posted for a while, but the school computers havent been letting me onto your site. (Stupid things!) but i also have messenger, and i was talking to Gordo the other day, so ask him for my address. Add me and then i'll get yours through. Keir got mine from Gordo and i accidentally blocked him from it, but if i know you're gonna add me then it'll all be fine! well, theres nothing much more to say, other than, the pics are pretty! wow, mines all greencountryside, ugly green countryside with cows dotted everywhere! God damn cows! especially Freesian ones, they try to trample me. ttfn!

Davus said...

heylo niki, sorry i haven't been here in a while, i've been a busy bee this past while.
um, yeah, i don't really have anything to say now i guess. talk to you on msn sometime.
peace love and rainbows.