Monday, August 30, 2004


Hi everyone, i'm back! I made the strenuous half hour journey with British European, on a tiny 50 seat plane from Southampton to Guernsey and i am still here to tell the tale.

Another example to prove my craziness: I wrote a homecoming blog yesterday, quite long for me and i thought pressed 'publish' but instead i pressed 'delete'.

I know i've said it before but Cowes was the highlight of my holiday, and i have a place to crew next year! (i already said that too!)

My school is also still here although i am not forced into it until Thursday! Tomorrow i am going into town as i have received news that Fat Face has a sale, do you have Fat Face in Scotland?? I love it, i am a walking advertisement for them!! (not really)

Bugger it's started to rain i'll have to go get the washing.... Okay i'm back and am now ever so slightly pissed off that i just got soaked in August getting in the washing that my dad dropped off here for me to wash, is that like a single guy thing? Not being able to work a washer/drier??? My mum refused to do it here so i did and hung it out for further drying, now i am wet. it'll take a big shopping trip to repay me for this!

Well i can't remember what i wrote yesterday so i'll go now, i couldn't post anything yesterday, my PC went wrong so i'll just go try again

Lotsa luv Crazy Niki


Davus said...

oh no! lock the doors, bring in the cat, the craziness has returned! good to have you back, things didn't seem quite so pink while you were away. yes, we have fat face in the remote colony you may have heard called scotland. it took one of our friends a good half hour to persuade us of it though...
sigh, weve been at school for 3 weeks now. lucky for some.

Nodders said...

Trust me, guys can't work electrical appliances unless it like, y'know, cuts stuff up. I once set the curtains on fire trying to make toast. I also almost subjected my family to dangerous radiation after trying to make Beans on Toast in the Microwave (I forgot that you need to pour out the beans from the tin).

keir said...

OMG - you are teh zany

gordons: what about me, i am teh 1337 with teh microwave (exploded egg in 2 seconds)

Nodders said...

Grr, stop speaking hacker!

keir said...

neh - for i am teh 1337, oh all right then, ill stop.
niki: i have a blog now, come visit:

Niki said...

okay Keir i'll visit today! you know i published this blog twice! i am a bit impatient. You know you should visit fat face every now and then, i got a very nice, complete outfit for £23 in the sale! I love drills y'a know, i hate the washing machine but the metal workshop at school is cool, lots of noisy drills and saws and stuff, at home i have a ban against me and drills, i get carried away, yeah lock all your doors folks!

Zed0 said...

OMG kier r teh ub3r 1337 hax0r
now I got that out of my system I can comment properly

first off I'm glad that you don't know where I live Niki, we have a large stash of power tools in our house that I'm quite keen to keep away from you so I can continue rilling holes in things (like my sister's head)

We do have a Fat Face here but I've never been in it

Sober Mike said...

Hello, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I just posted on Daveys blog!