Monday, August 30, 2004


Hi everyone, i'm back! I made the strenuous half hour journey with British European, on a tiny 50 seat plane from Southampton to Guernsey and i am still here to tell the tale.

Another example to prove my craziness: I wrote a homecoming blog yesterday, quite long for me and i thought pressed 'publish' but instead i pressed 'delete'.

I know i've said it before but Cowes was the highlight of my holiday, and i have a place to crew next year! (i already said that too!)

My school is also still here although i am not forced into it until Thursday! Tomorrow i am going into town as i have received news that Fat Face has a sale, do you have Fat Face in Scotland?? I love it, i am a walking advertisement for them!! (not really)

Bugger it's started to rain i'll have to go get the washing.... Okay i'm back and am now ever so slightly pissed off that i just got soaked in August getting in the washing that my dad dropped off here for me to wash, is that like a single guy thing? Not being able to work a washer/drier??? My mum refused to do it here so i did and hung it out for further drying, now i am wet. it'll take a big shopping trip to repay me for this!

Well i can't remember what i wrote yesterday so i'll go now, i couldn't post anything yesterday, my PC went wrong so i'll just go try again

Lotsa luv Crazy Niki

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