Sunday, August 29, 2004

I'm Back! (again)

Hey!!! I am back i made the strenuous half hour flight on a tiny British European plane from Southampton to Guernsey and here I am again! I don't go back to school until Thursday!

How are you all????

Glad to hear that your school is still there, I'm sure you are too!!? I don't think there's much chance that mine has disappeared, mores the pity, but never mind!

This is really weird but I want to meet you guys, sorry just a random thought.

Mr T could you please learn to control yourself!! You'd never catch me being so immature! But have you ever noticed how funny that little routine the air hostesses do is?

Well I'm off to make my rounds around your blogs now!

Lotsa luv Crazy niki

1 comment:

Nodders said...

Hey everybody, Niki's back! But what's this? She's already getting on to me! I hang my head in shame...