Sunday, September 19, 2004

Christmas is coming

AAAAARGHH!! Morrisons and Woolworths have advent calenders and chocolate pennies!! It's September. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas as much as the next crazy person but give me a break?

I don't actually have a lot to say today, I fear that cold season is officially upon us as you only have to walk down the high street to hear 50 sneezes and tissues pulled out of pockets and bags, I have, as yet, been lucky but I fear October will bring the Tonsillitis which I am plagued by ever since I had Glandular Fever a couple of years ago, ah well, happy happy!!

I went to the gym this morning, I don't know why i do it's full of sweaty people and I'd much rather go sailing but it is getting a little chilly now, I run for 15 minutes but i don't know why, i hate running!!

Wow, I have to say my BMW may have been slightly upstaged by Mr T, I would love to sit in one of those although when i say pilot i was thinking more along the lines of a 747 across the atlantic. I went shoppong yesterday and then to the pub, no i am not an alcoholic but my Dad, also not an alcoholic has been taking me to this same pub since I was four when he got to spend 3 hours with me every Saturday. I know all the staff and they know me, they buy me cokes and I'm allowed to get ice cream out of the freezer, oh such childish values!!

Now you have had an insight into my little life I must bid you farewell but remind you to keep smiling, stay happy and
Keep Living
Love Crazy Lady

(PS Hey laura (eeyorerulz) welcome! I'll go to DofE today!!)


Anonymous said...

well hello!
been @ work 2day, borin!!! O, the supermarkets arent the only 1's to get out crimbo stuff, weve alredy got loadsa stuff out, the official opening is the 1st wkend in oct,apparently us part-timers are bein asked to go in sat nite till 11pm, then b at wk and alive by 10am the nxt mornin!!!! would you adam and eve it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm.
well, thanks for the welcome, workin on me dad to release the blogger website so i can have mi own, nt much luk tho. ah well. This is where the blackmail comes into it. give it a week and it'll be up and running - he'll b soooo sick of me naggin!!! hehehehehehe.
well, cya soon.

ttfn, Laura (Eeyorerulz)

Niki said...

The first week in october?? that's still ridiculously early!! good luck with the blog!!
keep living Crazy Lady

Davus said...

this my friends is a sign of capatilism gone bad. of course capitalisim is bad by its very nature, but this is worse, much worse...

Niki said...

Yes we are all in grave danger, if i were to buy an advent calendar now, it would be lost by december, just like early christmas shopping, stupid idea! Those of you who are avid readers of 'The Guernsey Press', nope just me then, will have noticed that just the other day a double page spread was devoted to blogs and blogging, it's huge!
keep living
Love Crazy niki

Davus said...

cool, any chance of you posting the article, i'd be interested in seeing it.

Niki said...

Well I'd really like to but it's a double page spread so a lot to put on, I'll see about scanning it at school but if not i'll save it incase i ever meet you guys!
Keep smiling CRazy

Niki said...

Aaa stupid machine won't let me put up a new post! I went to the cinema today, to see Wimbledon, it was pretty good actually considering i wanted to see Collateral. and yes i know i have unstarted coursework for this thursday but i had to get out of the house and Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany were good, i liked the film. sorry i'm having an illiterate day today. i'm going shopping in jersey next weekend, me and a girlfriend, Condor are doing day trips for £10, so it'll be cool, they have HMV and there's a sale on.
well i'll post as soon as i can
keep living CL

Nodders said...

Everyone in your neck of the woods have really cool, unusual names. Nikita and Condor? Dude, you've got imaginative parents. Haven't seen Wimbledon yet, but I did see Collateral. Very good film...

Davus said...

mmm, still not made my mind up about collaterol yet... was interesting though. yeah, you've all got really cool names, i'm now seething with jealousy like a kettle on a stove. seethe seethe seethe.

Niki said...

Ok i didn't make myself clear! i am Nikita, my friend is Saffron and the ferry company is Condor. actually saffron is kinda cool, another friend is Emine and another from Cayman islands is Charlisia, yeah we do have cool names don't we?? I am now off to try and make a new post, see you in a minute
keep living crazy nikita