Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dan Saff

So I've been 'Down South' for the weekend, it wasn't a planned trip - I just realised about 40 miles outside Southampton that it was my Grandad's birthday today. (Later to be discovered, his 80th...)
Me and my boys spent the evening in the city, had dinner and snuggled into a big bed for the evening. We woke up to a sunny morning and spent it in Winchester - shopping and eating and generally enjoying ourselves.
Then we took Grandad to lunch and the garden centre. It was all going so well until we were just leaving....
A killer blow from my Grandma on behalf of my beloved sister. The whole damn family have an obsession around preventing my happiness.
So I cried on the way home and here I am back to where I started a few weeks ago. Feeling on the edge, with an unhealthy attraction to sharp implements.


middle child said...

Can I ask what Grandma said or is that a trigger? Hang in there.

Nikita said...

It's a bit touchy middle child, sorry x