Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miss Me?

I've been offline since we moved into the new house but today BT came along and saved us.

Yesterday we bought a new bed - I'm so excited!

I haven't really got a lot to say, I just really want to keep this blog going - help me?



Jess said...

Welcome back! It's going well then?xxx

Nikita said...

Hiya Jess

Yeah it's going well; slowly but surely we're getting everything done.

How have you been? xxx

Cold Face said...

I would have missed you had i been able to get onto blogspot myself these past few weeks, i have missed being able to read your posts though, they make me realise that i am not the only one, thank you for making my life brighter (:

Nikita said...

Hiya Cold Face, thanks for dropping by.
Hope that you're well.
I'm glad that I can give you some help. x

Cold Face said...

That's ok, I am well, and yourself?

Nikita said...

I'm okay thank you, though a little depressed just now.

Cold Face said...

): how come, What's wrong?

Nikita said...

Oh it's just one of those things.