Tuesday, February 02, 2010

This might take a while to make sense, but bear with me and I'm sure it'll all become clear in the end.

The other day on a form with my name on, in an office someplace... somebody wrote that bipolar is not a condition requiring mental health treatment.

So I was wondering... what do you think? Do you think that some mental illnesses - bipolar included - really require such constant monitoring? Really need the help of a mental health team? Or do you think that we should leave such things to run their course? Should I down all of those meds everyday, or should I fight it out?

Perhaps a controversial subject, a strange question... but one that's on my mind.


swile67 said...

I do think mental illnesses are just like any other physical condition, like diabetes. A diabetic always makes sure they take their needles or pills or stay on their diet to control their insulin levels. I think those with a mental illness do need to take their meds and not mess about with the dosage. I have seen first hand the effects of my mother stopping her meds and it has been hell all fall. Hell for her and mostly for us as her family living with her. I hate the stigma associated with a mental illness but hopefully with us "educating" those around us, those stigma's can dissipate. I know you may feel better off your meds, but just imagine a diabetic going off their meds. I know as my mom has aged and experienced horomonal changes her meds have had to be adjusted but it is so key to continue on the meds. COntinue with the support of the health system. Hope that offers some insight on the other side of a mental illness. Things are in place to help the patient not to harm!

Nikita said...

Thanks for your opinion... most of the time I totally agree with you. If I don't take the medication then the consequences can lapse onto the physical side of ill health anyway, so there's somewhat of a crossover between it 'just' being in my head, and really feeling pain through self harm.
I would very much like for the stigma to end, so that mental illnesses can be as talked about as a condition such a diabetes... I think you're right and by educating one person at a time we could eventually end the stigma all together.
Thanks for sharing your experience, from the 'other' side of the illness!
I haven't stopped taking my meds, it was just one careless stranger's opinion that got me thinking.
Hope you're well x

Rainbow dreams said...

I wonder Niki, whether perhaps there is a balance which includes taking the prescribed medication as Karyne says, but as long as things are going well that you don't need constant 'monitoring'. That once things are stable then thats just how it is... if it goes awry for some reason then you seek help - and by doing so makes it more 'normal' just like anyone who needs meds for any medical condition... have missed you, missed lots, life is busy - must catch you up :) online cappucino?? x

Nikita said...

That makes sense Katie... I have an appointment on the 15th so perhaps from there I can go down the route of having a number or person to call on when necessary, but still have the day to day freedom when things are going well. It is a balance, like you said, of taking the medication to make things work and seeing the professionals only when needed. Most of the time all I need anyway is to know that someone is there if I need them.

Missed you lots too - do Pelicans deliver to Doncaster do you think?! Hope we catch up soon xxx