Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. I feel the need to thank all of you who helped me through 2009, let's hope that this year I manage a little more on my own!

William and I went out last night but I was totally gone by about 11pm so we headed back for a snuggle up and some footage of the celebrations in London. It was a lovely way to see in the New Year.

Today we went to the in-laws for dinner and all watched Rain Man, as we relaxed it started to snow again. Perfect white Christmas and now a snowy New Year!

My 'resolutions' are to stop biting my nails (again), and to give up self harm once and for all. (My last 'time' was the 27th December 2009, and I'm vowing that to be the end of it)

Thanks all


Rainbow dreams said...

Happy New Year, xx Hope this one is a good one all round, I am so pleased 2009 gave us a chance to cross paths...but here's to 2010 and beyond.
Resolutions? we can but try our best...and thats all anyone can ask, hugs and love, Katie, xx

Nikita said...

Here's to many more encounters in Pelicans Cafe in 2010! xxx