Thursday, May 07, 2009


Big congratulations to my William... he has been offered a job in Alderney. It's our first step on the long journey back to Guernsey! I have sent a CV to every recruitment place out there... now it's my time for a new job!
We're still not sure what we're going to do. Ideally he'd move to Alderney and me to my Mum's in Guernsey - then we work like mad for a few months, scrape together rent and deposit and re-convene in Guernsey at the end of August. However, we have a cat and dog in tow... perhaps we can find temporary homes for them? It's our biggest dilemma at the moment.

The title of this post... is really an apology. I waffle on about everything to do with me and don't do much commenting on your fine blogs - I'm sorry! As ever I promise I'm out there and reading, and sending all my love to you.



Awareness said...

I want to know what you're up to!! Wonderful news for Will! Where's Alderney?

Bon chance on the pet front.

Nikita said...

Thanks Dana... it's another Channel Island.


Rainbow dreams said...

You know I am delighted for you, and Alderney is a lovely place to be, especially in the summer months...I have a second trip there before too long.

Somehow it'll work out for you, it is exciting and yet I know the practical things need to be worked out first.

I've been absent from commenting lately, it's something we all do for various reasons... never worry about it, love from me, x

Nikita said...

:0) thank you Katie.. see you soon! x

swile67 said...

you are sooo NOT selfish sweet Nikita! I haven't been commenting as of late also as my life has been a bit busy. things have settled down,, although my relatives from N. Ireland are coming on Monday for a visit so it will pick up again! Great news about William and hope the job hunting goes well with you!