Sunday, May 03, 2009


I'm not sure exactly how my current mood is conflicting, it just felt like the right word to put there.

Currently am waiting with baited breath on the lady from nurses accomodation... really we need her to agree to help. Will rang her and laid it on thick... lack of nurses, local girl coming home etc etc. She told me to e-mail her by Friday - before she went away, which I did. She hasn't replied though and have a horrible feeling she just said that to be rid of us. Hope I'm wrong, perhaps she's just busy.

I know what we have to do otherwise, one of us will need to move over and work/search for a place to live. If only it were simple.

Think the confliction comes from the fact that I know how I'd normally be reacting to all this.

But then normal's all a bunch of shit, to this 'bipolar student mental health nurse sailor'... anyway.


Awareness said...

and what a beautiful "bipolar student mental health nurse sailor" you are! You forgot dog owner french speaking poet lover....
you make me laugh.

conflict is my middle name. x

Nikita said...

:) thank you Dana. I aim to please. x