Monday, May 11, 2009

It wouldn't be life without hurdles...

The plan is still on - but problems with ID and fully booked connecting flights mean it hasn't been easy... perhaps it won't even come to fruition, but we're still trying.

Well William is trying anyway - I am trying to be supportive, but obviously failing. I retreat into my world of stress-busters and self-deprecating humour, hoping that if I hold tight it will all be sorted without me. Who knows what I'll be like on my own for a few weeks... I plan to find somewhere to volunteer, to pass the time - and plan to go for a walk with Baby everyday, just to get out of the house. This will be a bonus for the diet... which as of yesterday was ruined by Mr Ben and Mr Jerry - those guys seriously owe me.

I'm sort of looking forward to packing all our things up - the unpacking I won't comment on though... also my plan is to get the train from Wigan-Poole and then the ferry from Poole-Guernsey. A journey which will not only cost under 50 pounds (we reset the computer and the pound sterling sign has vanished!)... but will also be brilliant! I much prefer savouring the journey so a Virgin train, a brief spell in London and a Condor ferry beats a short, stuffy Aurigny flight anyday. Plenty of time to... take my time!

Gorgeous day today, time to enjoy it.

PS... my stress busters?

1. Count your breaths... breathe slowly and count them to ten or something. Block out all other sounds!
2. Wordsearches... my book of 500 wordsearches has got me out of many a meltdown so far!
3. Read... ignore everything and get stuck in. But not to 'The Principessa' - Christine Dickason... that one is killing me.
4. Make tea... a gorgeous cup of tea, however you like it is definitely the way to go.
5. Do something! Wash up, sweep, do the laundry... anything to escape your current predicament.
6. Go for a walk/ play with the dog - or cat. But don't try to walk the cat. They do not like that.
7. Ice Cream.



Jess said...

Ice cream is the Way Forward, Green and Blacks vanilla is a pretty good one, even Fab lollies if you can't lay your hands on a tub. Ben and Jerry's Half Baked has the ability to cure most problems, though Phish Food has the tendency to induce extreme sugar highs.

Yeah, I've had enough stress to be able to analyse this in great detail. I could probably do my final year dissertation on the subject.

Jess xxx

Nikita said...

:0) hey Jess! I've never had the Green and Blacks but as for Ice Lollies... places like Heron Foods or Farmfoods (frozen food stores) often do 8 Soleros for a pound - they're good for a quick fix as the ones I have only have 99 calories or something.
I had 'Half-Baked' yesterday but 'Phish Food' is my favourite really. I like the cinema because they have more flavours!

Wow... I'd LOVE to do a dissertation on that. But I guess that's not going to get far... unless you submit it with a sample which may bribe the examiner?

Feel free to chat if the stress gets too much!