Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm going where?

I'm not sure what I'm doing... moving back to the one place I swore I'd never venture again?

Sure, I thought it was beautiful and the course is perfect and it's all going to be lovely... but how did it happen? What happened in my head to make me turn on my heel and head straight back to the place which nearly suffocated me to death?

I'm a bit upset at the moment as Will has moved to Alderney so I'm all alone... we fear that the RSPCA may have to have the animals as I can't take them with me and can't leave them here. I am awaiting an answer as to whether they can help. I feel mega guilty though.

Also upsetting at the moment are the nasty messages my sisters friends have been sending to us. She has decided that I abandoned everyone two years ago... even though for up to a year after I left she maintained that all was fine and we saw each other etc etc. It bothers me that she wants to be taken seriously/seen as mature... and then pulls a stunt like this.

I can't contact her as her e-mail has changed, she won't talk on the phone and has blocked me from Facebook. My letters go unanswered. I'm not going to 'tell' Mum but I'm not going to stand for this either.

This post is personal so I'd appreciate a lull in the nasty comments I've been getting. Not from any of the friends I have out there... just a few anonymous individuals. This blog is not shutting down, I'm not leaving... so I suggest you do instead.


much2ponder said...

Well what the hey? People have been leaving anonymous negative comments? How rude! This is your space to say whatever you are thinking, feeling, doing, dreaming, fearing, dealing with, go ahead and use it as you see fit. You will always have those who respect you enough to allow you the freedom to express yourself in whatever way you like.

Sorry to hear about your troubles and will say a little prayer for you tonight as soon as I finish typing this message.

Thomas said...

Don't let the actions of a few cowardly anonymous commenters get you down. If I had a dollar for every nasty comment I've had to delete on my blog, I'd be rich.

Keep up the good work and keep on blogging!

Nikita said...

Thanks you two, they seem to be leaving off a little bit thankfully.
Glad I'm still appreciated ;)