Saturday, January 31, 2009


This weekend... is about simplicity.

We spend the day having a roast lunch in Southport... followed by a lovely amble around a new garden center, with a delicious cake.

Doesn't sound like much... perhaps an average Sunday in the life of my Grandparents.

I spent a little bit of the day wrapped up in the voices and skeletons of my own head.

But then, I shook it off (for once) and sat back to enjoy the ride.

When did you last do that? Take a look out of the car window...


Rainbow dreams said...

sounds wonderful...and something I would like to do now and again..

I get car sick if I am a passenger so it's usually me driving... no time to look properly then!!

am pleased you had a good day, xx

Nikita said...

:) it was lovely darl'.
Oh sorry to hear you get car-sick, I've never had that problem... though to be honest when driving Will has no problem taking a good look around (at great stress to me!)

Hope you're well. xx

Rainbow dreams said...

lol I taught Rob to drive in Birmingham in my car, with all the roundabouts we had around there too - oddly I didn't get car sick doing that - guess I was concentrating too hard :)

Rob gets stressed when we pass the surfers getting changed along at Vazon... I do find I have to admire the view...! Perhaps thats the answer to your question ;) xx

Nikita said...

:) *FACT of the Day*... there are no traffic lights in Skelmersdale - only roundabouts.

hehe Vazon... not just a pretty sunset beach ;) xxx