Friday, January 30, 2009


So much frustration... so many things I want to say... but can't.

All I can try, is poetry.... and all I can produce... is this.


Forever is how long people claim to love you for
It's how long you live with your past
Forever is 'for' and 'ever' stuck together
Like a picture
From Year One.
Forever is a lover's word
A liar's word
A mourner's word.
It starts tomorrow
But no-one knows
When it began
Or when it will end...
... If it will end.
An eternal promise
An eternal curse
A loving bind
A suffocation.
The quagmire of forever.


Independent Chick said...

Your first line caught in my throat. I think tonight though, I will go with the line "an eternal promise." I promise myself from now on, I will honor myself, respect myself and love myself...forever. You should too. You and your writings are a wonderful gift. You are so talented.

swile67 said...

well you say it well in your poetry...beautiful and thought provoking! glad your meds are helping you to "level"...they can be a great thing when at the right levels ..take love your poignant words.

Nikita said...

I really hope you manage to keep that beautiful promise darl'... Thank you xx

Nikita said...

Thanks Karyne - you take care too. xx

Awareness said...

it seems like it's a promise often broken doesn't it? forever is a dedication through peaks and valleys...a quagmire (great word Niki.:)).

Fovever is faith on the face of one whom you can trust.

it certainly reverberates in me as it does in you. i can completely related to your poem, and for some reason the faces which come to mind who promised "forever" are the ones who didn't....who walked away leaving me with the residual of rejection to clean up. It takes me work to conjure up the faces who continue to unconditionally carry the forever we yearn for..... but they are there.... they are around. They remind me too that sometimes the ones we want to hear FOVEVER spoken from their lips again maybe be hurting and dealing with their own shit and can't give it away right now... They remind me that sometimes I have to reach out even if I'm feeling rejected by them to let them know that my forever back to them is still intact and unconditional....

well, that's perambulation :)I hope to God it makes sense.

word verification: MUNCH! Love that. now i'm hungry for an apple donut. haha.

Nikita said...

I LOVE the word quagmire, and probably end up using it too much or way out of context...

It made sense Dana, completely.

:) Unfortunately I am out of the apple goodness... but they're 65p for 5 at ASDA. Well ASDA is Wal-Mart. But that's America I guess.


Nikita said...

*update blog Nikita*