Saturday, December 13, 2008


I am in love
With a boy
He loves me too
I am in love
With you
I need you
To love me too.
I need you
To see my eyes
To feel my scars
To touch my soul.
I am in love
With pain
With hurt
I am in love
With band-aids
And steri-strips.
I love to hate
A cure 
For bad
A healing
For cold,
I love to hate
That you just...
... don't understand.


Charli said...

It is always scary when you meet someone - when you fall in love - and you have to hold your breath to see how they'll react to the scars. I feel your pain.

Niki said...

Thank you Charli. Even now I have been with my betrothed almost two years I still wake up every morning needing acceptance. Thank you for coming back

Linda S. Socha said...

I like your poem and I can relate to what you are saying....We all need acceptance....and validation and how wonderful when someone one can just give it. it can be even more frightening with love.