Thursday, October 02, 2008


Hey there everyone

So the new puppy is settling in, she is called Baby and thankfully is now getting to know Mittens the kitten.

Today I got my brand new meds - Seroquel. I figure now I'm on anti-psychotics I've joined the ranks of the truly crazy!

Watch this space for updates on the crazy house.


Jules said...

Hi Niki

Missed you being around. Hope you're ok and the new 'drugs' work for you. Writing is a gift and you have it! looking forward to more of your posts.

love Julie x

Niki said...

Oh hey Julie I was wondering how you were just this morning - isn't it odd how that happens?
I'm emerging from the stupor that Doctors call my cure, at least till the dose increase on Friday :s
Hope you are doing okay, thank you for the touching words. xxx