Monday, October 06, 2008


You'll notice (I hope) the colour and font changes to the blog. I thought that it was time for another fresh start. Not that I am unhappy with it or anything like that, a little change just felt right. And the colour of my bedroom wall is a perfect colour to match with.

I worry that my choice of colour for my blog reflects badly on my personality, and that the hot pink of blogs gone by will put people off, and make them feel that there is nothing of substance to be found. Which I hope there is.

You might also notice that my grammar is all over the place today - I apologise for this and rather shamefully blame it on my latest medication. Whilst the stuff infiltrates my system I'm running on half empty, and awake only about 5 hours in every 24. All in the name of mental wellbeing.

I appreciate that drugs are not always the answer, but on the otherhand I recognise that I do have a condition and if I am to use medication to reach some sort of level-footing then right now I am not in the position to say no.

Perhaps if this medication takes then I can actually put some thought into this blog, and say some of those things of substance!

Much love xxx


Rainbow dreams said...

HI I like the changes, in all areas of life I think a revamp now and again is worthwhile :)
Am also pondering the always having or needing something of substance around... I am not entirely sure it is necessary, I mean we can't all be full of substance all the time can we? But then I'm probably just reassuring myself ;)
Hope it all settles on the new meds, Katie,xx

Jules said...

Hi Niki

I,ve tagged you to do the '4 things' thing! be really interesting to hear yours. It's fine if you don't want to do it at the mo though. Hope you is ok. Lots of love


Awareness said...

hey beautiful purple friend. I have read along, and havent left a comment. I'm glad you finally have a full diagnosis and that you're on the road to finding the right meds to help you manage the rapid cycling. I have met others who are dealing with the same, and it took a while to find the right dosage, so take care with it.

Have they spoken about whether there is a reason......genetic or trauma related? Are you in regular therapy as well? I hope you are receiving all the services you need Niki to feel in control of your own life.

nosey, aren't i? I care about you.


ps. you have a puppy, and I have one too. mine's named Gracie Slokum Kerr. Slokum is a bizarre family name known in this part of the world. I just thought it sounded good with Gracie.

Niki said...

Thanks Katie for your words, and giving me something to think over. Hope you are doing okay. xx

Hi Jules - what's that? Is it on Facebook? If so I would love to do soon as my internet is repaired this week. xx

Hey dana. They said it was a mixture, but mainly trauma-related. Which is something I just have to come to terms with for myself. I am in therapy, for all it's worth.
Hugs to you and your puppy xx