Friday, September 12, 2008


Now, we all know what it is but my goodness I had never experienced anything like it before. I have been popping along to buy my trademark kitsch earrings for some time now...but selling? It never even occured to me.

It all started when Will decided to sell one of his treasured Rolex watches (for purposes unknown to me he has 4, and 2 are exactly the same...)
After that I decided to sell a few bits of clothes...then an ornament...then an old PS2...then some bags.

Is it at all possible that selling is more addictive than buying on eBay? I'd like makes me money, rather then taking it from me.

(Is it just me or do eBay transactions not feel like real money? Like it's a giant game where you hand over simoleons or something (SIMS money) and then get giant pink flamingoes for the garden...)

Anyway, just a lightheardted post for a change.


PS I wonder how many times I have said 'anyway' on this blog over the years...

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