Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So it finally happened. Four years of pills and doctors and hospitals and pain...all brought together by two different psychiatric disorders, finally with a name.

Cyclothymia (rapid cycling bipolar disorder - annoyingly called 'bipolar lite')
Borderline Personality Disorder

Next comes the treatment. Which is good, right? I get the right treatment, and the rest of my life can start - hopefully with only a few pills each morning, and an outpatient appointment here and there.

On Thursday I have to have blood tests done, to check I'm okay for the new pills. I just hope they don't affect fertility, as I do so want a baby - and no-one has told me what they actually are going to be.

I'm all for it.

Also on Thursday I have an interview at Selfridges, an interview I want so much. For a job I always fantasised about.

Fingers crossed for a bit of good wind.

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