Monday, September 08, 2008

How about that?

Here's a coincidence for you.

I am from Guernsey.
My next door neighbour is called Mike. His son/nephew (can't remember), lives in Guernsey, with his wife from Sark....

Isn't that mad?

Well to me it was entertaining


Awareness said...

I love that kind of stuff!

Years ago when I was backpacking through Europe, I was in the middle of feeling so homesick one night. We were in Barcelona and it felt far far away from my back yard. We went to a restaurant for dinner and over the din of the crowd, I heard a familiar voice. At first I thought I was hearing things, but then I caught sight of a familiar face.....a person I had worked with as a camp counsellor a couple of years before.....we had been very close then.

I rushed out of the restaurant and caught up with her.....big embraces on an empty street in Barcelona. Not only did the encounter ground me back to who I was and where I was from, it gave me the confidence to carry on with my dream of travelling.

I think they are always a wink from the cosmos......and it's MAD!

love to you sweetie......glad you're posting again.


Niki said...

:) hey Dana. I love that story. And I love Barcelona! In the middle of my language placement I became friends with two Italian girls also learning Spanish and we went out every evening for Chinese seems to be a city that brings people together!

Good to be posting again.

Awareness said...

Loved Barcelona too. MY parents are heading there soon for their first time....I'm very excited for them.

thank you for the b-day chimes on facebook.

Rainbow dreams said...

it is mad! Somehow we manage to infiltrate all kinds of places from here lol ;)

Niki said...

:) no problem dana, hope it was a special day

I know is safe from Guernsey. Or from Skem.