Saturday, September 01, 2007

I'm not fat

Just thought I'd let you all know that I am not fat. Nope. What Will says goes and he says I am not. So there you go. I'm a perfectly healthy, and very possibly sexy, normal size.

I'm living in Doncaster atm pending my start at Hull Uni sometime in September - I will find out exactly when I start and whether I have anywhere to live, I promise I will.

Sorry if I've been hard to get hold of lately; I'm not sure what to write most of the time or I don't have anything of note to say... Either way I'm still around and you can get me on the e-mail at anytime - I check them most days.

I hope you're all doing okay, I will start reading blogs again soon I just need to get settled and then service will resume as normal.

Smile and be beautiful


Awareness said...

Hey there Missie! I sent you a butterfly on facebook for your garden. did you get it?

Where is Hull Uni? Where are you?

and of course you're beautiful!!

Stagestruckgal said...

Ah Doncaster. Possibly the worst train station ever but there we go. Hull isnt so pretty either but it has some pretty good cinemas. and a dock if I remember correctly? and a pretty nice hospital, but the fares to get over the bridge are phenomenal. Shops are also good. Sorry to ramble!

Awareness, Hull Uni is in Lincolnshire, on the mainland of the UK.

And Niki, of course you are gorgeous, who could fail to be gorgeous? xxxx

Niki said...

Hiya Dana; I saw that you sent me a butterfly but it isn't appearing in my garden!!

Yeah Hull is somewhere in the middle of the UK.

Laura!! My Doncasterian fiance is outraged. Apparently it's the best train station ever.

Stop being mean about Hull! It's very underrated. It's on the Humber so there are a few docks yes yes. I'll be in Hull so no need to pay toll.

I'm not that gorgeous.

Stagestruckgal said...

yes you are,

and i apologise to your fiance lol im sorry but i hate that station, its too busy :p gateway to the world though, that one. *wink*

Hull is alright. I suppose *grudgingly* nah its alright.

Hope youre a-ok :) xxxxxxxx

Rainbow dreams said...

Hi Niki, hope it's all going well, am thinking of you - just tagged you about reading, hope you don't mind, x

Stagestruckgal said...

hey niki, thinking of you. its unlike you to leave off posting for so long, so i hope youre okay. i hope uni is going well for you. hope to speak to you soon xxxxxx