Sunday, March 25, 2007

'Abuse Culture'

I've stolen that phrase from somewhere; I'm sorry I can't remember where.

Before I start I better point out that I'm sort of low and pretty fucking angry so be prepared to take my rambling with a pinch of salt.

SO I was looking through the book review listing table thing in the paper this morning and what are about 50% of the books about? Abuse; surviving abuse, childhood abuse, domestic abuse... Are you noticing a trend? I know that people like to feel loved and wanted; maybe we even want sympathy - you know how many times I've come on here pretty much broken and needed picking up. But why the sudden increase in the publication of people's survival stories?

Does it really make the survivors feel any better? Do they gain anything from it? I understand, of course, that therapeutic techniques such as talking and writing are invaluable to discover how we feel about our past (and present) trauma; but publication?

I guess I was just wondering. Feeling alone and angry. Needed to write.

Respond how you will, if you will.


Awareness said...

NIKI! I just read about your accident. Jeez, girl. I think you need to move to my house so I can keep an eye on you!! You're too far away. :)

Now, about this culture thing? I blame it all on Oprah.

take care Missy. You are such a gift....just like a couple of other Guernsey-ites who have touched my heart over the past year. Must be something in the beer over there?

Spiritbear said...

Here is my take on it. They probably started publishing stuff like this to get their feelings out. Kind of like you are doing. That is healthy. But we live in a society of Capitalism. It has become so trendy to be "abused" and believe me people are right there to capitalize on that. Its wrong and its evil, but its the way it is.

I have also noticed some thrive on their victimhood. I nickname this the "professional victim" syndrome. People like this actually get their energy from making people feel sorry for them. My mother is one of them.

You come across as a strong person who has been through hell. Dont let it get the best of you. Dont become a PV.