Tuesday, December 05, 2006

But break, my heart, for I must hold my tongue.

That's really what's it's all about isn't it? Life, I mean.

Keeping quiet and going with the flow. Dealing with things and moving on.

Just had to share that quick revelation on from my mobile

au revoir


Stagestruckgal said...

Dont worry, chuck, life will sort itself out. It will. Honest.


Rainbow dreams said...

I wish I knew Niki, to deal with things and move on sounds so simple, but we are not machines, we feel and we hurt, sometimes it's certainly not right to keep quiet, sometimes too many people do, yet 'que sera sera' also has it's place....

I don't think there is an answer, just make sure you look after you, hugs, Katie

Niki said...

I'm wearing a lavender jumper today. This is odd because I generally stick to black as it matches everything and makes me look less fat. But today, I am lavender.

I know Laura, thanks xxx

Katie you're right - I don't think there is a definitive answer...but I'd very much like it. xxx

Awareness said...

Sometimes one has to SHOUT it from the rooftops! Primal SHOUTS! Whenever I have done that.....just let out a big bellow out into nature, I always end up laughing.

Then I'm more apt to go with the flow. :)

I'm not good at holding my tongue. Sometimes my directness is welcome, and sometimes it gets me into a soup of trouble. Ah, life!

Enjoy your day Niki.

Niki said...

Thanks Dana; it's good to have different perspectives - I'm not good with the being quiet thing...I used to be but it got me into more trouble than good

You have a good day too

Awareness said...

I'm not good with the quiet thing either. I tried it this fall at work and just felt completely void and invisible.

No.........I'm a cage rattling shit disturber........as well as a motivating ass kicker! It's expected and it fits my personality much more than internalizing my feelings and thoughts.

The key? Only give what the other can handle, respectfully.

I'm off to ring in the day and wake the kiddies! Maybe I should crank up some Rolling Stones and wake em up real good! :)

Davus said...

You could always take the approach I suggested, try wearing a Peruvian hat.

Niki said...

Hey go Dana!

My darling Davey if I possessed such a hat I promise it would never be off my head...

Niki said...

Am shattered; hence this isn't a new post but a mere comment.

College till 1:30pm, then work from 2pm-10:30pm.

Save me

Nodders said...

You should read Sartre, he's all about the shouting out and doing your own thing, and being completely unashamed of it too, goddammit :)

Abigail said...

I read Satre. He's one of the few things in life that make sense to me.
But then - what the hell do I know?
I have no idea what I am rambling about.