Monday, December 11, 2006

This, this is what I have been missing

I have finished my three late shifts in a row in the most spectacular of fashions.

It was the work party last night and it was a free bar.

Since the 12th May 2006 I have been sober.

That is no longer the case.

I feel this morning very unwell and disappointed in myself.


mister tumnus said...

don't feel too guilty. i don't know any one person who wouldn't have a few at a free bar!

Lolly said...

Yeah you're allowed to live a little :)

Hehe I shouldn't be allowed to give advice..

Rainbow dreams said...

we all slip up at times, don't be too hard on yourself, sounds like you've been doing really well.
Hangovers are grim, hope you're feeling better tomorrow, Katie

Niki said...

Mr T that's a good point, thanks!

Lou you little muffin...

Thanks Katie - it's now Wednesday and I'm feeling much better!