Wednesday, November 29, 2006


No! My laptop's broken and I've duly taken it into Guernsey Computers to get fixed. Well I took the case in, without the laptop, then had to go home to retrieve the actual machine.. But anyway.
£25 just for it to be looked at - then God knows what it'll need doing to it after that - it was pretty ill.
But the most heart-breaking thing? I was half-way through backing up my hard disk when it died. Therefore I have not managed to copy anything over. Not my book, not my poetry portfolio, not my coursework. Nothing.
It's gone, all gone...
If only I had done that backup as I went along and not left it until it was obviously too late.


Rainbow dreams said...

Oh no....!!!!

That's really, really, bad luck - reminds me of a scene in sex and the city, when Carrie didn't back her work up.
then again, I can't remember the last time I did it either...

it's probably futile, but I'm keeping fingers crossed for you that something can be salvaged

Stagestruckgal said...

Oh no!! Thats seriously bad timing isnt it.

Heres hoping something can be salvaged.

*fingers and toes all crossed*

hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lolly said...

Aw dude that suuuuucks :(

Niki said...

Ah...Bernard from Guernsey Computers I love you.
He saved it all...all of it.
Oh Bernard