Monday, November 27, 2006

Can you tell I'm bored?

It's a disgrace I tell you. I've had three hours of free period. I have two pieces of coursework due in by the end of this week. Would it make sense for me to do them? Yes of course it would but that doesn't mean that I am... I never claimed to make sense!

Instead here's another picture of me looking like a boy, making bread in Caen - he made me get a lot closer to that damn oven I'm telling you. I have a strange thing with ovens - they scare me.

Anyway that was all. I've fixed the comment thingy now so...well leave one if you like.

Missed you


Stagestruckgal said...

who said you looked like a boy? I personally dont think that. Ah well, its all it is, isnt it, a matter of opinion. Hope youre ok, Niki, I just dropped by to see if you fixed the comments and you have. I'm gonna stop procrastinating now and actually do some work. So, hope youre ok.
Adios. xxx

Niki said...

I am the queen of procrastination, someone get me a crown...

adios amiga

Rainbow dreams said...

Hi, good to see you back :)

Stagestruckgal said...

hola Niki!
my spanish is atrocious! prefer german, but I cant speak that very well so I'll stick to archaeology.

*hands over a crown*

adios amiga

Niki said...

:) thanks katie, it's good to be back.

why thank you laura, i shall treasure it forever

Nodders said...

Oh dear, you're jumping the gun - when I see long hair, I still see 'girl's hair' it's gonna be a while before long hair signifies 'boy's hair', despite what Davey testifies...