Monday, September 11, 2006

It's a long way to good grades...

I promised a Uni roundup and now I'm back to college and that comforting routine of only working for about five hours a week I thought I should make a start. I'll go through them in order. Tough if you don't want to know, because I want to write.


Nice campus, and very green. Bit contained - as in it was a Uni in a green bubble. I think I may prefer somewhere a bit spread around. The entry level is high too - AAB. Slightly too close to Guernsey too but I might apply anyway.


Up in Newcastle-Under-Lyme in the middle of nowhere. Again it was a campus Uni with a load of trees and smiling students. It's a bit land-locked and the town kinda creeped me out but it's my CCC entry level which right now I have little hope of exceeding.


Gorgeous city and pretty buildings, I liked that the Uni was all over the shop. However I found the town a bit touristy and I was accosted by four Hare Krishna people which was annoying. It's BBB entry for my course.


For some reason I always fancied this city even before I went there. Stayed in the same residences as Keir so can testify that they're all the same. Smaller bathroom than Edinburgh but I'm up for a compromise. Major downside is that it's a five year degree and not sure I can finance it but we'll see. BBB entry.


I went here to please my mother. It took twenty minutes from our front door to the Uni and that did not make me a happy girl! I know this city, I've lived in this city, this city bores me. And frankly so did the Uni - plus there were about fifteen Guernsey people there. AAB entry.

I still have to visit Warwick in two weeks time, but it's AAB too which I am no way going to get.

I got BBCC in my AS Levels and have just had a meeting with my tutor who feels I did not acheive my potential. Nah, you don't say! Year 12 was a shit year personally for me so I'm hoping in year 13 with the help of resits I can pull my sorry ass up to BBBB.

I now have to re-write my entire personal statement because my tutor feels that it's very me but far too chatty. Very me! Wouldn't want to come across as myself to an Admissions Tutor now would I?!

Hope you're all well, talk to you soon


Abs said...

You'll have to forgive me, as I do not have a clue, but how many places are you allowed to apply to?
Go on, apply to Warwick, (it's not actually in Warwick; it's in Coventry), but still only about 30 miles from me...*cheesy grin*

Niki said...

I can apply to a maximum of six.

Nodders said...

I think Exeter sounds a lot like Stirling, the Uni's completely on campus and about a 40 minute walk into town.

Good luck with next year, I still think your grades of BBCC are more than decent than you think, healthy ground works.

Stagestruckgal said...

your grades are better than you think, i agree with gordo. good luck with the year just begun, but remember if you dont get your predicted grades, dont worry. some unis will still accept you, if their course isnt oversubscribed! i was accepted and i missed my grades. i also got better than predicted, so it just goes to show if you believe in yourself then you will go far. *hugs*